June 17th, 2004 Advisory Board



Robin Bond, Chairman                                             Susan Harper, Yacht Clubs

Kim Beasley, CIC                                                      Bob Heidrich, HYC

Hector Venegas                                                        Chris Woolaway, Sea Grant

Kimo Corstorphine                                                    Brian Siperly

Harvi Kamai                                                               CMDR George Butler                       

Brad Rimell                                                                Captain Terry Rice, (Ret)

John Regan                                                               Arlen Walsten

Call To Order and Approval of the Minutes

Chairman Robin Bond opened the meeting.    A quorum being present he asked for a review of the minutes of the previous meeting.   As the minutes of the previous minutes are not finished this was postponed until the next Board Meeting.

AGENDA Item #3  –  Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that we currently have $1,639.35  in the bank, after receiving a $500.00 donation from Tesoro.   This was a donation to help send Robin to the National Harbor Safety Conference.

AGENDA Item #4  –  June 24th Membership Meeting Topics

Current topics include the following:

            ●          NOAA Weather Service Update on coming changes

            ●          State Civil Defense on the 2004 Hurricane Season

            ●          USCG presentation on the latest Security Zone proposed changes

●          USCG presentation on the Automatic Identification System

requirements under MTSA.

            ●          Update on the Safety at Sea Subcommittee

            ●          Update on Ballast Water regulations on record keeping

            ●          Update on State Harbors Division requirements for MTSA

AGENDA Item #5  –  2004 Boat Show and Ocean Expo Critique

Robin reported on the HOST participation at the Boat Show.   HOST manned a booth for two days.    Thanks to all that could help with this effort.   The booth did have a lot of visitors even though everyone felt that the attendance was down from last year.   Thanks again

AGENDA Item #6  –  Safety at Sea Subcommittee Update  –  Susan Harper

Susan has agreed to chair a HOST Committee to look at what can be done to help mariners properly and safely prepare for long distance cruises.  This committee has had two meetings so far.    They are currently doing research on the existing programs that are available.    It does appear that there is not as great a training effort for long distance cruises when compared to small boat activities.    It has been almost 10 years since the last Safety At Sea Seminar and this may be something that can be done.   Chris Woolaway of UH Sea Grant is looking for possible funding for this undertaking.

If anyone is interested in helping the next meeting will be held on July 28th,  at 5:30 pm at the Kaneohe Yacht Club.    Please feel free to attend.

AGENDA Item #7   –  HOST Board Officers  – July 1st, 2004 to June 30th, 2005

Robin reminded everyone that our by-laws require the election of officers for the Advisory Board for the upcoming term.    Current officers include Robin Bond as Chairman,  Brad Rimell as Vice-Chairman,  Chris Woolaway as Treasurer, and Kim Beasley as Secretary.      After some discussion as to whether anyone else was interested, Robin asked for nominations.   Bob Heidrich nominated the existing slate of officers.   This was seconded by Kimo Corstorphine.   Robin asked if there were further nominations.   Hearing none, Robin, speaking for himself, said that he was willing to serve another year.   He asked the other officers present how they felt and they agreed to serve.   Hearing this Arlen Walsten moved the nominations be closed.   This was seconded by Hector Venegas.    Upon a voice vote the current slate of officers was returned for another year.

AGENDA Item #8  –  Pending HOST Safety Issues

●          SOP 6 – 98 Commercial VHF Comms.   Hector reported that he has sent out 42 letters to companies asking about normal radio use.   These were the companies on the 1998 list.  So far he has had only a few responses.

            Kim Beasley pointed out that he had not received anything yet.  Also that he would get the Hawaiian Area Plan communications list for Hector.

●          SOP 8-98  Explosives Handling  –  Revisions       Nothing new to report at this time.

●          Kawaihae Harbor Tug and Barge Safety  –  Robin reported that there really isn’t anything new.   Sause has sent some E-mails to the Harbors Division but due to current litigation they have not responded.   Since the original incident there have been two additional incidents.

            Robin said that this may warrant another letter to the Harbors Division.

●          PR Education Committee  –  Julia Morgan was not present and there is nothing new to report at this time.

            ●          SOP 9-98 Use of the Seafarer’s Hall for Shelter. Terry Rice reported that there was nothing 

            new to report at this time.

●          Canoes in Honolulu Harbor Channel  –  Robin reported that since the last meeting at which Mike Tongg was in attendance, we have not been able to contact the canoe clubs to follow up as yet.  We will continue to work on this.

AGENDA Item #9  –   Homeland Security  –  Port Security

CDR George Butler of the USCG reported that the Maritime Transportation Security Act regulations were to become effective on July 1st.   He will see to it that a presentation is made at the upcoming General Membership meeting.

Also, we can expect that there will be an increase in security activity surrounding the first arrival of the Pride of Aloha cruise ship which occurs on the 4th of July weekend.

AGENDA Item #10  –   State of Hawaii Concerns

Harvi Kamai of the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources report that the State has no current issues or concerns.

USCG Auxiliary

Robin asked Mr. John Regan of the USCG Auxiliary if he had anything that he would like to bring up.

John pointed out that the auxiliary would be conducting vessel safety examinations at the Waianae Small Boat Harbor in July. 

Also there will be a Basic Seamanship Class to be held at McKinley High School starting on Monday June 21st, between 6:30 and 8:30 pm .    It will run for 9 weeks.   The cost is $35.00.


AGENDA Item #11  –   Announcements and New Business


Robin asked if there were any further announcements.

Brad Rimell announced that he would like to attend the 7th Annual Harbor Safety Conference with Robin.    He believes that Sause Brothers would be willing to pay his way.   Everyone thought this would be a great addition.

Terry Rice announced that the Humpback Whale Sanctuary Advisory Board is soliciting for new members.   Anyone interested should contact them.

Chris Woolaway announced that there will be a Gill Net workshop to be held on the 19th and 20th of July.     This is to discuss the pros and cons of gill net fishing.   It is to be held at the UH East West Center and attendance is by invitation only.  If anyone is interested please contact Chris Woolaway at UH Sea Grant at telephone 956-2872.

Next Meeting

            ●          Next General Membership Meeting will be June 24th , at 2:00 pm .

                        Honolulu Community Collage Marine Education Center .

●          Next Advisory Board Meeting will be July 8th  at 3:00 pm .

                        Hawaii Yacht Club

Robin asked if there were any further announcements or new business.   Hearing none he adjourned the meeting.

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