SOP 1-21 Honolulu Harbor Piers 52/53 Crane Boom Best Practices

SOP 1-97 Vessel Maintenance and Repair at Anchor

SOP 2-97 Voluntary Commercial Towing Examinations

SOP 3-97 Tugboat Assistance for Vessels in the State of Hawaii’s Neighbor Island Ports

SOP 4-97 – Minimum Under-Keel Clearance in Commercial Ports

SOP 5-97 – Dive Operations From Vessels

SOP 6-98 – Hawaii Commercial VHF-FM Communications/Procedures

SOP 7-98 – Multiple Cruise Vessel Visiting Offshore Port Anchorages

SOP 8‐98 – Explosive Handling in Oahu and Neighbor Island Ports 

SOP 10-99 – Passenger Submarine Operations Areas

SOP 7-07 – Maritime Heavy Weather & Hurricane Plan

SOP 12-10 – Who To Contact To Report An Incident In State Waters

SOP 4-14 – Commercial Vessel Snorkel Safety 

SOP 1-16 – Safe Operating Practices for Marine Events

Safe Operating Practices Handbook For Cruise Ship Tendering Operations Lahaina Harbor Maui, Hawaii