June 16, 2005 Membership Meeting


June 16, 2005

The meeting was held at the Honolulu Community College Maritime Training Center and had 38 attendees.

Call to Order – Robin Bond called the meeting to order.


Robin introduced Captain Manson Brown the new Captain Of The Port.   He outlined his recent duties and encouraged anyone who had any questions to give him a business card and he will get back in touch with them.    

He also asked for an opportunity to address the audience.  He presented HOST with a Certificate of Recognition award that was presented to HOST at the recent National Harbor Safety Conference. The award, given by RADM T.H. Gilmour is to “… recognize your local maritime organization for significant contribution you have made to your community and nation.”

AGENDA ITEM #2      Ship Repair Association Presentation – Bill Clifford (Pacific Shipyard Int’l.)

This was a presentation that Bill Clifford had made earlier to the Hawaii Congressional delegation.   The Navy is expanding their shipyard work into the private sector.   Pearl Harbor has only 12 surface ships home ported here.  They have 16 submarines and just recently have been awarded some work on submarine ballast tanks.   It is a start.    One of their objectives is to try to expand the number of home ported vessels in Pearl .   Another goal is to encourage the Navy to increase the amount of normal repair and conversion work assigned to Pearl Harbor shipyard.   A number of cruisers are being considered for upgrade conversions.   The Navy is currently thinking Hawaii can’t handle this work.  There are many advantages to performing this work in Hawaii .  The Navy is currently thinking of relocating these vessels to San Diego .   This could have a significant trickle effect throughout the Hawaii economy.

This group has recently convinced several Princess cruise ships to come to Hawaii for haul outs.   They did this work on time or ahead of schedule.  Partnering with the Shipyard worked very well.   They were able to convince the cruise lines to come here by selling them on the idea of booking a cruise to Hawaii .   Once here, they went into dry-dock.   This saves money over dead heading to and from Singapore for work there.

Currently the shipyard industry in the U.S. is hurting.   Far too many vessels are going to the Far East for yard work.   What we need is increased work load that the industry can rely on.   In this way they can capitalize improved infrastructure.   What they are looking for is a continuation of the partnership with PHS and more commitments to both public and private ship work.

AGENDA ITEM #3    Report on the recent Legislative Session – Bill Anonsen

Resolution 221 asked the State Harbors to consider a statewide scheduling system.

HB 100  This is the Fiscal Biannual budget.  It includes funding to complete the DLNR Harbor in Kawaihae.  This is an issue that has been of interest to HOST.

Also includes improvements to Piers 19 and 20 as well as a number of other improvements.   A total of about $75 million dollars.

Another bill considers future plans for Keehi Lagoon.   This currently includes relocating the Kewalo Shipyard to Keehi Lagoon.

Another bill that passed was the transfer of Pier 1 and 2 back to the DOT Harbors.    This will effectively keep these piers in harbor use.  This is currently on the Governors desk for signature.

The Legislative Session started out with 55 port related bills that were whittled down to five.   Many were related to environmental compliance and the creation of a Port Authority.   We will probably continue to see these bills next year.

AGENDA ITEM #4    Safety At Sea Subcommittee and the Boat Show – Rick Shema

They had 20 x 40 foot complimentary tent at the boat show.  They put on a number of safety presentations.  LCDR Rick Raksnis coordinated the USCG presentations.  In all there were about 12 different presentations from both public and private sector.   About 60 people were in attendance.

The subcommittee is now looking for ideas for the next venue for a presentation.   Bob Heidrich reminded everyone that the boat show will no longer be held at Ko’olina.   Mike Nelson is looking for another venue as well.   The number of attendees was down but the venders reported that purchases were up and it was very successful.

AGENDA ITEM #5    Merchant Mariner License and Documentation Program –

LCDR Ann DeYoung

She is now located at the Regional Exam Center .  She gave a brief overview of the REC.   There are currently 17 REC around the country.   This may change in the future to centralize this at the national level.  A big message is that applicants want to be sure to FULLY DISCLOSE any of the items listed on the back of the application.   The background checks for the new Merchant Mariner Document (MMD’s) are much more thorough.   If it is found out that you failed to report something your application will be denied.  Further, you won’t be able to reapply for a year as this is a fraudulent application. There will also be new Standards of Training and Certification of Watch Standards (STCW) Certificates that look more official.

Anyone interested in the new Tug Boat requirements please give her a call.

AGENDA ITEM #6  –  New Security Zones  –   Lt. Quincy Adams

She presented a handout on FAQ’s as well as the full a handout on the current regulatory language.   They are going back out to the Docket with a Supplemental Proposed Rule Making (SPRM).    This comment period will close on August 8th.    Please take the time to read the comments issued to the Docket and the USCG response.

The SPRM breaks up the Honolulu Security Zone into smaller zones to provide flexibility for turning these zones on and off.    The Zones around cruise ships have been changed to simply be a 100 yard Security Zone around the vessels.   If you have any questions please call Quincy at 522-8264  Ext. 359.

AGENDA ITEM #7  –  International Coastal Clean-Up Conference  –  Chris


Chris reported that she and Robin were able to attend the international conference held in Hawaii .   This is the 20th year of this international coastal and waterway clean up effort.   This years Get the Drift and Bag It will be held on September 17th.

Internationally, the emphasis is on collecting data and educating the public on the importance of pollution prevention.   This is an area where we may be able to improve.        

AGENDA ITEM #8    USCG or State of Hawaii Concerns


Robin asked if there were any further announcements.  

Bob Heidrich announced that the TransPac Yacht race will be coming to town next month.   90 yachts are expected.   If you have any concerns regarding this event that HOST should discuss please let Robin know.


Executive Board Meeting:  July 14th,    3:00 pm ,   Hawaii Yacht Club located in the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor .

General Membership Meeting:   August 25th,   2:00 pm ,   Honolulu Community College Marine Training Facility.   

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