September 8, 2011 Advisory Board

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Hawaii Ocean Safety Team

Advisory Board Meeting

September 8, 2011

Hawaii Yacht Club


Bob Heidrich                         Suni Danforth                      Kim Beasley                         

Robin Bond                          Joyce Miller                           Chuck Krause                     

Chris Woolaway                   LT Scott Whaley                   Mike Nelson

Mike Cantin                          Brad Rimell                           Steven Ward

Arlen Walsten                       Sparkie Ewing                      Ed Underwood 

CDR Bob McFarland           Ed Lott                                    Anne Stevens

Lanky Morrill                         Mark Winslow

AGENDA ITEM #1    Call to Order 3:00 pm.

 Robin called the meeting to order. A quorum was present.

AGENDA ITEM #2     Approval of the Minutes of last meeting.

Minutes of the last Advisory Board Meeting were approved.

AGENDA ITEM #3    Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that we have not brought in any money or spent any money.  Current funds total $2,147.03.

AGENDA ITEM #4  Special Presentation:

Chris Woolaway introduced members of the Japanese Public Broadcasting System (NHK) from Los Angles.   They are here to raise awareness about the Japanese Tsunami Debris issue and the fact that it is not just a Japanese problem but a Pacific wide problem. They will be participating in as many activities as possible to raise awareness and gather information on what organizations such as the EPA and HOST are doing.

AGENDA ITEM #5    HOST General Meeting Critique and Future Topics

•           Robin asked for comments on the last General Membership meeting.  The

            general opinion was that the topics were timely and well covered.  Robin asked the USCG whether the APEC power point presented could be given out to the public. They suggested that the information presented was still being changed and that more accurate information could be found on Google, searching APEC and checking security. Plus, this site is being updated.

            Robin asked for suggestions on next topics.

•           Kim suggested that he could give an update on Marine Salvage and Fire Fighting Regulations. The USCG said that they could help.

•           Brad Rimell suggested that he could present an update on Subchapter M updates that relate to the tug boat community.

•           Sparkie suggested that the next meeting will be three weeks prior to

            APEC. An update on the latest APEC impacts would be appropriate.

•            Anne suggested that PASHA can make a presentation on their new roll off ship.

•            Joyce Miller can give a presentation on the NOAA mapping of Kaneohe Bay.

AGENDA ITEM #6  Pending HOST Safety Issues

•           Update on Flare disposal. It looks like an arrangement with POP could work but we do have to work out the details. Robin suggested that it may be possible to “piggy back” on to the City and County Hazardous Waste Drop off day which happens every other month. If they could include information about flares in their advertising it would be a big help. Chris to follow up.

AGENDA ITEM #7  Continuing HOST Business

•            Falls of Clyde. They are preparing for the 133rd birthday which will be held on December 12th.  Be looking for an invitation.

•            Robin announced that there is a need for volunteers to help man the booth at the 2011 Hawaii Fishing & Seafood Festival on October 9. Anne, Bob and Chris have said yes. More are needed, let him know.

AGENDA ITEM #8  New Business

On the 24th of October HOST has been invited to attend the Western States Harbor Safety Committees meeting.   This will be a two day event to be held in Monterey California.   It looks like both Robin and Brad will be able to attend.

AGENDA ITEM #9   USCG Concerns

•         The APEC Planners are working to come up with some best practices on how the security issues can work with small commercial companies. They are just beginning to work on that now.

•         The USCG is working on the “Escort Boat” issue. This is for both swimmers and canoes. We are looking to the canoe clubs for some guidance toward developing a proper safety standard. Please provide your comments to LT Whaley.

AGENDA ITEM #10  State of Hawaii Concerns  (DOT Harbors and DLNR)

•         Ed Underwood reported that the State is beginning rule making on DLNR Regulations related to the need for a Safety Certification to operate a motorized vessel. Approved safety courses will be available from various organizations such as the Power Squadron, Coast Guard Auxiliary or even on line.  The first hearing is scheduled for tomorrow, September 9. Now is your time to make comments. HOST completely supports the process and encourages people to testify to make their concerns heard.  

AGENDA ITEM #11   Coast Guard Auxiliary and Power Squadron Issues

•         Ed Lott reported that the Auxiliary provided the “picket line” for the Waikiki Open Water Swim. The only problems that they saw were commercial catamarans crossing the line.

•         They are doing dock walks again pointing out safety concerns.

The Power Squadron is developing a new program for doing on water training. More information to follow.

AGENDA ITEM #12    NOAA Issues

•         Looks like La Nina may be returning which bodes for quiet waters and a wet winter.

•         Working with the University of Hawaii they have just completed mapping the waters around Kahoolawe.  They don’t know when this information will be released.

AGENDA ITEM #13  Announcements

•         On September 17th the Waikiki Yacht Club working with Hawaii Power Squadron and NOAA will be conducting the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor. You are invited to participate.   Bring old clothes and          gloves. This is part of a global effort.   In Hawaii we call it “Get the Drift and Bag It”.  Another area is “slipper island” in Keehi Lagoon. This is the only time when data is collected.

•         There is a new club called the Hawaii Kai Boat Club. They have over 100 members. They will help to pay for their members to take the new required safety training.


Advisory Board Meeting: October 13, 2011 at 3:00 pm, Hawaii Yacht Club located in       the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.

General Membership Meeting: October 20, 2011 at 2:00 pm, Marine Education and Training Center on Sand Island Road.

AGENDA ITEM #15  Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm.

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