November 17, 2011 Advisory Board


Advisory Board Meeting

November 17, 2011 (3:00 pm)

Hawaii Yacht Club


Michael Cantin                                 Sparkie Ewing                                  Bob Heidrich

CDR Jason Neubauer                    CAPT Joanna Nunan                     Brad Rimell

Naomi Wasano                                Scott Whaley                                                Chris Woolaway      

Darren Bullock                                 Tim McKeague                                 Bob Harter

John Benson                                                Ed “Chip” Tilton                                Robin Bond 

  1. Meeting was called to order 1500 (3:00 pm) by Robin Bond. There was no quorum. Robin reported that Paula Carroll has resigned from the HOST Advisory Board. She will be missed and hopefully be able to keep involved especially on adhoc subcommittees.
  1. Approval of the Minutes of last meeting. There were no minutes available.
  1. Treasurer’s Report – Chris Woolaway reported that there is $2,225.23 in the checking account.  There was a deposit of $78.20 from Schnitzer Steel Hawaii for the 920 pounds of metal recovered at the Slipper Island Cleanup 09/17/2011.  This is a correction to the October 13, 2011 HOST Advisory Board meeting fiscal report.
  1. Topics for the February HOST Membership Meeting

a.   Anne suggested that PASHA can make a presentation on their new roll off ship.

b.   Naomi suggested the Tahiti TransPac Race might be interesting           

  1. Pending HOST Safety Issues

a.   Flare disposal project – Chris reported that she had talked to Covanta and they will be working on further discussion between POP and Covanta on threshold of flares per delivery and possible tipping fee.  Chris will continue the discussion along with Arlen.  POP will not need to have a new box for transport, as they will be able to use the flare shipping box.  A further meeting will need to be scheduled after Thanksgiving.

  1. Continuing HOST Business  

a.   Falls of Clyde safety issues and general update – Chris Woolaway. Chris announced the Falls’ 133 year Birthday party on Dec. 12 at 5:00 pm.  Host folks are invited and Chris will get the invitation to Robin for dissemination.

b.   Robin and Brad gave a brief update on the trip to West Coast Harbor Safety Committee Summit. It was agreed that the summit was a very worthwhile event and that HOST should attend in the future. Robin thanked Brad and Sause Bro. for assisting with the financing. At the Summit there was an opportunity to for more networking with West Coast Harbor Safety Committees as we share some of the same basic concerns.  Bran reported on the low sulfur fuel discussions and the problems that companies are dealing with as they switch over.  They discussed the wear and tear on engines as they are burning at a higher temperature.  Each of the Harbor Safety Committees gave a report and the minutes from the presentations will be circulated when it is received.  Jason asked if marine exchanges were discussed as LA Long Beach and San Francisco are using it but Hawaii is not.  The discussion followed that Hawaii’s traffic may not warrant it.    The Summit also addressed the issues of interactions/safety issues with recreational vessels, paddlers and windsurfers

c.   HOST Christmas Party – December 8, 2011. We need to gather gifts for door prizes. Please contact Robin if you have any to donate. Robin and Bob will meet with the Yacht Club Chef following the meeting.

  1. New Business

a.   Presentation by John Benson of Escort Boats Hawaii regarding Ocean Sport Safety (Open Ocean Racing):  Scott Whaley discussed raising awareness for safety of the crew changing and exploring different ways to educate folks.  John discussed the history of the escort vessel safety training.  They are putting together a curriculum for educating the boat captains and paddling crews and they are working with West Marine to do training.  A video was suggested similar to one HOST and the USCG did for cruise ship tenders on the Neighbor Islands.  It was also decided that a HOST Subcommittee should help with a SOP and that John should chair the subcommittee. On the Subcommittee, it should have representatives from the canoe associations, paddle boarders and event coordinators.  One recommendation would be that all event coordinators use the same radio channels.   Naomi will contact John to include their material in the Power Squadron training for paddlers.  Rich Davidson and Tim McKeague of Atlantis should also be represented on the Sub Committee.

b.   Approval of the 2012 Meeting Schedule. The 2012 HOST meeting schedule was approved.

  1. USCG Concerns. The Coast Guard thanked HOST for helping disseminate the information on APEC as it related to maritime security measures. They also reported that there was another parasailing fatality, this time in St. Thomas. They also reported that they are involved in a SAR operation in the north shore area looking for a missing surfer. HOST agreed to include two new items on the HOST website; a “USCG Parasailing Safety Alert” and a “Rigging Inspection Instruction for Sailing Vessels”
  1. State of Hawaii Concerns (DOT Harbors and DLNR) There was no one from the State
  1. Coast Guard Auxiliary and Power Squadron Issues. Naomi reported that there was going to be a party on the 17th of December. Sparkie announced that she is standing in for Roland Zwicky who is away on business.
  1. NOAA Issues – Mike Cantin will work with HOST to try to improve the maritime events on National Ocean Safety Week.
  1. Announcements:
  1. Next Meetings:       AdvisoryBoard Meeting: December 8, 2011  (4:30 pm)

 Membership Meeting: December 8, 2011. This will be the HOST Christmas Party!! (5:00 pm)

  1. Adjourn 1700 (5:00 pm)

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