February 8, 2007 Advisory Board

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HOST Advisory Board Meeting

February 8, 2007

LTJG Quincey Adams                                              Warren B. Ditch Jr.                          

John Regan                                                               Bob Heidrich

Kimo Corstorphine                                                   Mike Johns

Brad Rimell                                                                Bill Mossman

Chris Woolaway                                                        Arlen Walsten

George Butler                                                             Kim Beasley

Capt. Fred Tucher                                                     Anne Stevens

Skippy Sweet                                                            CDR Kathleen Moore

Chris Springer                                                           Scott Osborn

Joe Almony                                                                Randy Swindell

Captain Vincent Atkins


Robin Bond was absent.  

AGENDA ITEM #1    Call to Order

Brad Rimell called the meeting to order.   A quorum was present.

AGENDA ITEM #2      Approval of the Minutes of last meeting.

A quorum is present.    No minutes were available for review.  Minutes will be approved at the next meeting.

AGENDA ITEM #3    Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that we currently have $2,947.82.   There were no expenditures or income activities this month.

AGENDA ITEM #4    Next Membership Meeting Topics

•           Multiple Ships Mooring SOP Update.    Kim felt that the subcommittee discussing the Multiple Ships at Lahaina and Kailua Kona may be able to present an update.    We will have to work on this between now and the next Board Meeting.

•           The newspaper reported an increase in the number of whale strikes.  There are, of course, more whales.    Captain Atkins asked members to be on the look out for illegal whale observation tour operators.    Chris Brammer with the Whale Sanctuary, Oahu office will speak at the next meeting for about 10 minutes on whale strikes.

•           The Final Report on the grounding of the M/V Casitas is complete.   However, this will be better presented for the next meeting.

•           The Hawaii Super Ferry has been launched.   It is expected to get to Hawaii sometime in early May.   Terry O’Halloran will be speaking at the general meeting and will bring a power point.  They will be building a ramp in Nawiliwili, but in other areas they will be using barges to load and offload vessels.

•           The State DOT Harbors was going to give an update on the Harbors 2030 Plan.    However, as yet we don’t have anyone identified to give the presentation.   Chris and Robin will work on this.

•           DLNR will be increasing Harbor fees on March 1.    Notices will be sent out at that time.   There are some bills in the legislature.  One is to require liability insurance for harbor tenants.   This is mainly to cover vessels that are lost or damaged in State areas.    Some of the recover operations are costing the Harbors special fund over $100,000 per incident.    This bill to require insurance is meant to help cover the costs to salvage and remove damaged vessels. Repairs to the Ala Wai harbor F pier is out to bid.   Mike Jones from DLNR will give a presentation on the legislative initiatives.

•           The USCG is willing to speak to the talking points emphasized by the USCG during Maritime Industry Day.    Just a quick presentation on important topics and how it went.   This may also include a discussion on switching to the 406 EPIRB.

AGENDA ITEM #5    Pending HOST Safety Issues

•           Safety at Sea Seminar – This committee is currently on hold pending repopulation of the committee.

•           SOP 7-98 Multiple Cruise Ships visiting Offshore Port Anchorages – Kim reported that we will hopefully be holding a subcommittee meeting on this SOP revision in two weeks time.    That product will be brought to this committee for consideration.

•           SOP 10-98 (Draft) Vessel Dispersion Plan –   The USCG is revisiting this subject for now.

•           Tug Assist SOP for the neighbor islands.    Nothing new at this time.

•           Shore Entry Safety Subcommittee  –  Robin has not here and will report on this initiative later.

•           Dead Ship at Anchor Subcommittee  –   We are looking to populate this subcommittee.   The types of people we would hope could assist this would include Water Taxi’s, Shipping Agents, etc.

AGENDA ITEM #6    Old Business

•           The parking situation at the Hawaii Yacht Club is still a concern.  We can’t seem to get a response out of the Ala Wai people.  Mike Jones said he would look into it.  Currently we are waiting for a response from DLNR on our proposal to have HOST specific parking passes.

AGENDA ITEM #7  New Business

•           TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) Regulation has been finalized but the roll-out timing of this has not been decided upon.    It will include a background check with a biometric element.   Anyone going into a regulated port facility will require this card.    There will be a fee for this.   It is expected that 750,000 people nationwide will need this.   The USCG will be out and about to discuss this with the port users.   They would like to do this with “focus groups” that may have similar questions.   This would facilitate this effort.

AGENDA ITEM #8   USCG Concerns

•           Captain Atkins discussed the fact that he went on the HOST Web site.    He was concerned that HOST not be Oahu centric.  How are we getting the neighbor islands engaged on issues that are Hawaii wide.   Kim pointed out that engaging the neighbor islands has historically seemed to be issue driven.    Perhaps we can expand the website with a neighbor island link.  The Captain recommended that we reach out to the diving community of Maui to discuss the increase in the number of diving related deaths.

AGENDA ITEM #9    –   State of Hawaii Concerns  ( DOT Harbors and DLNR)

•           DLNR is looking to moving to a 24/7 DOCARE enforcement.  The work force is looking to increase in size.   Captain Atkins asked Mike to ask Ed Underwood to give him a call to explore coordination opportunities.

AGENDA ITEM #10  –  Coast Guard Auxiliary Issues

•           John Regan reported that the Auxiliary had no issues at this time, but asked everyone to go to the Kevin Costner movie on USCG Rescue people.    “The Guardian” is the name of it.

AGENDA ITEM #11  –  Announcements:

•           Mike Jones reminded people that a project is in the works.  This ORMA, or Ocean Recreation Management Area, would extend from Ko’olina to Kaena Point.   They will begin to develop regulations to form an ORMA.   Also, DOBOR is looking to rewrite their internal rules.  

Brad asked if there were any further comments.   Hearing none he adjourned the meeting.


Executive Board Meeting:

            March 8th,   3:00 pm ,   Hawaii Yacht Club located in

            the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor .

General Membership Meeting:

February 15th,  2:00 pm ,  Honolulu Community College Maritime Training Center .

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