August 11, 2011 Advisory Board


Advisory Board Meeting

August 11, 2011 (3:00 pm)

Hawaii Yacht Club


Paula Carroll                                    Rich Davison                                    Warren B. Ditch Jr.

Bob Heidrich                         Ed Lott                                    Joyce Miller

CDR Jason Neubauer        Ed Underwood                     Naomi Wasano

Chris Woolaway                   Roland Zwicky                     Scott Whaley

Karl Alejandre                       Sparkie Ewing                      Robin Bond

1.            Call to Order 1500 (3:00 pm) Robin called the meeting to order and shared the distressing information of Troy Brown’s death.

2.         Approval of the Minutes of last meeting. No quorum present.

3.            Treasurer’s Report – Chris Woolaway reported that there is $2,147.03 in our account.

4.            Topics for the August 25 HOST Membership Meeting

·      Parasailing Safety is something that the USCG has been working on but they will not be ready to present anything by August 25th. This presentation will be held after the Coast Guard holds a meeting on the issues with the industry on Sept. 13, 2011.

·      Naomi will follow up to see who might be able to give a recap of the TransPac Yacht race.

·      USCG Capt. Steve Craig will make a presentation on APEC security and possible impact on the maritime community.

·      USCG will give an update on the status of the Open Ocean Canoe Racing safety issues. The Board discussed this and Jason will circulate the draft and the Board will make the small recommendations which are needed. 

·      Naomi Wasano will give an overview of what types of safety training programs are available in Hawaii.

5.         Pending HOST Maritime Safety Projects

a.    Flare disposal project – Chris reported that POP has agreed to be the point of collection for the expired flares.  We still need to finalize the agreement with H-Power and find a way to purchase a secure/fire resistant box for storage.  Chris talked to Cliff Inn and possibly boating safety funds can be used for this as it is a safety issue for boaters.

b.    Status of USCG Tsunami Incident Action Plan – USCG Jason updated the Board on the work in progress.  At the moment the agencies are working on their roles and responsibilities.  Jason will send out to the Board a draft of the plan for review and comment.

c.    Falls of Clyde safety issues and general update – Chris reported that repairs are continuing on the decks to prevent water from intrusion.  The Friends of Falls of Clyde have been approached by a developer for the Aloha Tower Market Place and Pier 7 and interests in historic preservation. Nothing definitive has been worked out.  September is the third anniversary of the Friends saving the Falls.  It is also the annual Foodland Give Aloha campaign. Folks were asked if they shop at Foodland to please designate the organizational code: 78512 to help the Falls. The Friends have received a donation from Matson for a 40’ container which replaces the loaned container.  Mahalo Matson!

d.    Alpha dive flags on dive boats – On Hold

6.         Old Business – None

7.         New Business

a.    Lanai Diver Fatality:  The CG and State of Hawai’i are investigating the incident where a 51 year old diver was hit by a tour boat off Lanai.  Jason will report when the investigation is completed as there are many lessons to learn.

b.    Keehi Lagoon HFD response to SOS.  A Communication problem?  Joyce Miller brought concerns to the Board on a recent incident involving a jet ski operator in trouble off Keehi Lagoon.  Concerns were expressed on the communication of the HFD Fire Boat and Coast Guard as boaters were trying to help in a perceived rescue.  HFD has responded to Robin; however it was mentioned by many of the Board that these issues could be better dealt with if HFD had a representative at the Board meetings.  Jason will check on the communication from the CG and how Channel 16 can be used to alert other boaters of the status of the incident so responding vessels can stand down.

c.    Hawaii Boats & Yachts Article:  Robin reported that Mike Collins has graciously made space available for HOST in their monthly magazine.  The HOST Board appreciates this help since this publication is a great way to get the word out on HOST.  Mahalo Mike!

8.         USCG Concerns – The concerns were discussed earlier.

9.         State of Hawaii Concerns (DOT Harbors and DLNR): Ed Underwood discussed the Sailing School exemption and the need to clarify the language so they will be going to the Legislature for assistance.

10.       Coast Guard Auxiliary and Power Squadron Issues:  Ed Lott discussed the Dock walk effort and the building of collaboration with uninspected vessel owners. Ed also mentioned the vessel exam course being held on Saturday at HYC.

11.       NOAA Issues:  Joyce Miller discussed the surveys done at Keehi and Honolulu Harbor and the NOAA survey capabilities.

12.       Announcements:

            September 17th The International Coastal Cleanup called in “Hawai’i Get The Drift & Bag It!’

            September 19th There will be an Ocean Technology Conference in Kona

13.       Next Meetings:       Advisory Board Meeting: September 8, 2011

                                              Membership Meeting: August 25, 2011 

14.       Adjourn 1700 (5:00 pm)

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