November 5, 2009 Advisory Board

Hawaii Ocean Safety Team Advisory Board Meeting

November 5, 2009

Kim Beasley                                                              John Thielst

Robin Bond                                                                Randy Swindell                                 

Chris Woolaway                                                        LCDR Marcella Granquist

Bob Heidrich                                                             Brad Rimell               

Anne Stevens                                                            Oy Branum       

AGENDA ITEM #1    Call to Order

              Robin called the meeting to order.   A quorum was present.

AGENDA ITEM #2      Approval of the Minutes of last meeting.

Having a quorum, Robin asked for comments and approval of all previous Minutes.   Minutes were approved

AGENDA ITEM #3    Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that current funds total $1,637.71    Expected expenditures include food costs for the Christmas Party.    There have been no expenditures this month.  

AGENDA ITEM #4    General Membership Meeting

Robin asked for comments on the last General Meeting.   LCDR Granquist commented that she thought it was very informative.   General comments        highlighted the fact that HOST was providing a good forum for more than just safety information.

            Robin asked if anybody has any topics for the February meeting. 

Ports and Waterways Assessment Report could be a topic for the USCG.

Chris pointed out that it may be appropriate for ATDC to give an update on plans to fill in the piers 5 through 8 area.

State Civil Defense could give an update on the Homeland Security Summit which will be held on the week of November 11, 2009.   There will be a table top exercise involved with it.

AGENDA ITEM #5    Pending HOST Issues

Shore Entry Diving Safety

Representative Gene Ward held a town hall meeting at Hawaii Kai talking about the recent near misses in Maunalua Bay off of Hawaii Kai.   Also discussed was the recent incident where 2 kids were hit by a boat.    Emphasis seemed to be on making new rules or dividing the area into zones.  Robin pointed out the there really haven’t been a lot of incidents.   Robin has been reviewing the SOP on Vessel Diving Practices.    He is suggesting to the Board that we consider making up another SOP on shore diving.   He has written up a draft “Diving Safety Reminder” that could be developed in to a new SOP on shore diving.  He is going to send this out to HOST associated divers for comment.   It may be time to consider whether the State should have licensing requirements for vessel operation.

            Flare Disposal

            BoatUS had an article on a USCG training session where they burned up a lot of old out of date flares.   Other than that nothing new.

AGENDA ITEM #6    Old Business

4th Annual Fishing Seafood Festival sent us a letter thanking HOST for our participation. Robin thanked those that helped with the HOST booth.

1st Annual World Maritime Day.    Didn’t really have a lot of people but it was a good day anyway. Robin thanked those that helped with the HOST booth.

Hilton Hawaiian Village beach congestion.    Robin responded that HOST does not get involved in those types of issues.   Haven’t heard back.

Falls of Clyde.    Chris reported that the ship has been surveyed again by San Francisco Maritime folks.    There report will come out this week.   It may be that going immediately to dry dock may not be in the ships best interest.   It looks like she is safe where she is but may need some repairs to stabilizing and “harden” the vessel prior to taking her to dry dock.   The bow is weak and could use some repairs.

We have no current representative for Domestic Shipping and only one Board member for Foreign Shipping.   Robin asked if we could look around for someone to fill those positions.   Kent Eddy of Matson might be a possibility. Randy and Brad will talk to Kent.

Brad reported on a meeting that they have just concluded that was facilitated by MIST.  This was a meeting to discuss how communication networking could be improved for emergency notification.   HOST came up as a possible notification channel.   Brad commented that HOST is not really set up to do this.    Just wanted to give the Board a heads up.

AGENDA ITEM #7    Christmas Party

The date is December 10 with the meeting starting at 4:00 pm and the Christmas Party starting at 5:00.   Chris and Ann will co-chair as Robin will be out of town.   Brad will MC the party.       

AGENDA ITEM #8   USCG Concerns

              LCDR  Marcella Granquist  –  The USCG has received their handouts on the Security Zones and will be starting to distribute them.

AGENDA ITEM #9    –   State of Hawaii Concerns  (DOT Harbors and DLNR)

                        No representation.

AGENDA ITEM #10  –  Coast Guard Auxiliary Issues

            Auxiliary had no news to report.

AGENDA ITEM #11  –  NOAA Issues

                        NOAA is not in attendance. Jeff Taylor was on Maui.

AGENDA ITEM #12  –  Announcements:

                        Chris Woolaway reported on the success of the project to bring litter and debris back from Midway.   Great project.


Executive Board Meeting:

            December 10th, at 4:00 pm,   Hawaii Yacht Club located in the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.

General Membership Meeting:

December 10th at 5:00 pm. This will be the HOST Christmas Party at the Hawaii Yacht Club.

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