Approved July 8th, 2021

Issue: The movement of ships with air drafts over 125’ must be deconflicted with the operations of the crane booms located at piers 52 & 53. 

Discussion:    This SOP reflects the best practices created by representatives from Matson and Hawaii Pilots Association for deconflicting these movements.

Resolution:    The following is in line with the policies that Hawaii Pilots Association (HPA) and Matson agreed on in 2002 and that were discussed during a 8/19/2020 phone conference and subsequent phone conversations between Matson and HPA representatives:

These ships with air drafts over 125’ transiting to or from Piers 31–33, and 51–53 are currently designated as “Tall” ships:

  • All APL and CMA CGM ships (Normally arrive every other Tuesday afternoon)
  • All Pasha vessels except for HORIZON RELIANCE and HORIZON SPIRIT
  • All Matson ships except for KAMOKUIKI
  • All car carriers over 500 feet in length (RO ROs) 

These ships are designated in Hawaii Port Call ( ) with an asterisk after the ship’s name (Ex: MARJORIE C*)

The Matson Crane Operations group reviews Port Call at the start of each shift (0700-1700 & 1800-0400). Scheduled Tall Ship transits times are incorporated in the shift plan at that time, any changes to Tall Ship transits that are made once a shift has commenced shall be communicated from the vessel agent to Matson with verbal acknowledgement. For other vessels not on this “Tall” ship list, the crane boom will be raised if specifically requested by a pilot or ship master.  Pilots and the dispatcher can call the 24 hour Matson Crane Hotline at (808) 848-8343.

Pilots are encouraged to call the Matson Crane Hotline directly instead of going through Aloha Tower to confirm or request crane boom raises. 

The Matson Crane Operations group will advise the crane operators of the scheduled Tall Ships at the start of the shift, or update during the shift if notified of changes from the a vessel agent. For arriving Tall ships, the Pier 53/52 crane booms (Pier 51 cranes do not need to be boomed up) will be raised when the crane operators see the ship enter the Main Basin (off of Aloha Tower).  For departing tall ships, the Pier 52/53 crane operators will boom up when they see the ship moving off of Pier 51 or 52. In emergencies, a vessel may sound the danger signal of 5 (or more) short blasts on the ship’s whistle to get the crane operators’ attention.  Matson has incorporated the above into the reoccurring crane operator training.

In ideal conditions, (light winds, no ships or barges on Piers 31 – 33), Matson can request a case by case waiver of this policy by calling the pilot dispatch office (808-537-4169) at least 45 to 60 minutes before pilot boarding time.  The dispatcher will relay the request to the assigned pilot, and if in agreement, dispatcher or pilot will call back to confirm the waiver.  There must be positive confirmation – ie: no call back means no waiver.

Crane maintenance during which the boom will be disabled in the lowered position should be planned for times when no vessel traffic is scheduled. The pilot office (and DOT Harbors) should be notified ahead of time during the hours of 0700-1630 at (808) 537-4169 or