HOST Advisory Board Meeting Minutes of March 15, 2001

Subject to Board Approval

Members Present:       

Robin Bond, Ed Araki, Warren Ditch, Bill Mossman, Pat Pettigrew, Charlie Pires, Commander Rand, Brad Rimell, Anne Stevens, Mark Willis, Christine Woolaway, Roy Yee. 

Members Absent:         

Kiwi Albrecht, Bill Anonsen, Randy Cates, Clarence Chong, Mike DeRego, Mike Duvall, Tom Heberle, Mike Latham, Russel Rippetoe, Barry Solywoda, Charlie Stone.

Members Excused:         

Barbara Defranco, Sam Forbes, Michael Heisler, Captain Gil Kanazawa, Giles Loftin, Terry O’Halloran, Jim Walsh, Terry White.

Call to Order:             

The monthly HOST Advisory Board meeting was held on Thursday, March 15, 2001.  The meeting was called to order by Robin Bond, Chair, at 1512, at KEMS Electric at Pier 35.

Minutes Approved:           

The minutes from February 15, 2001, were revised and approved. 

Treasurer’s Report:           

Christine Woolaway informed the Advisory Board that HOST received a check for $250, which was deposited.  A thank you acknowledgement letter will be sent to Bryan Ho for his contribution.  Chris also informed the Board that the IRS check has not been cashed.

Critique of Maritime Industry Day:            

At the Hawaiian Maritime Industry Day held on March 1st, Anne Stevens distributed 30 HOST brochures. Brad Rimell thought HOST received a lot of exposure through the high visibility of Robin’s participation during the event.    

Anne indicated that although the non-profit exhibits were not located with the vendors, the inside room enabled HOST to use an electrical outlet at no expense.  Commander Rand from the USCG, informed the Board that next year, everyone will be located in the same area.  Roy Yee spoke on behalf of the vendors’, who felt the location of the exhibits were good since participants had to walk through the exhibits to go to the meeting rooms and the reception held in the same corridor provided additional exposure opportunities for the vendors. 

Warren Ditch recommended that each speaker provide hard copies of their presentations for the participants.  This would be helpful if someone wanted to attend two concurrent sessions, and couldn’t attend both.  Warren also noted that one presenter monopolized 2/3 of the time during the Barber’s Point discussion, so they couldn’t hear about the present and future plans for the area.  It was discussed that an option may be to cover the area at the June General Membership meeting. 

Status of Next Membership Meetings:

The April 5th general membership meeting will be facilitated by Pat Pettigrew.  The meeting will cover the issue of diver down flags and to present the USCG’s perspective of the situation; identify submarine operated traffic areas and ways to prevent accidents in the future; and to explain the use of an EPIRB.   The meeting will be held in a panel discussion format, with speakers from the USCG and the dive industry. 

Recreational Vessel Safety Requirements:       

Bill Mossman updated the Advisory Board on the status of Senate Bill  216. It passed the Senate committees unamended and crossed over to the House of Representatives  unamended.  It has been referred to the House water and land-use committee, transportation committee and the judiciary and Hawaiian affairs committee.  The  HOST testimony and draft amendment that was used in the Senate hearings will also we used in the House committee  hearings.  It  remains the same except that a recap of  Admiral McClelland’s opening remarks at the Coast Guard Industry Day convention, that emphasized the importance of the VHF-FM Radio to all boaters operating in Hawaii’s coastal waters, was added to our testimony.  Robin suggested that due to the volume of testimony submitted to the Legislature, it’s important to clearly indicate that “you are against the bill in the way  its currently written” so that there is no misunderstanding with the intent of the testimony.


A.     Anne informed the Advisory Board that she has received checks from Bryan Ho, MARISCO, and Norton Lilly Hawaii in the amount of $250.  Anne updated the funding packet, which Pat volunteered to place on the HOST website.  Warren will talk to the Hawaiian Tug and Barge and request a contribution to HOST.   

B.     Robin informed the Advisory Board that he has received a proposal from Hector Venegas regarding funding efforts on behalf of HOST, which contained a two-prong approach to fundraising. 

Action:  Robin and Brad will review the Venegas proposal, consider alternative options and report back to the Advisory Board at the next meeting.

Action:  Robin, Anne and Pat will meet with the environmental representative of HCF to discuss funding opportunities.

Board Membership:        

The yacht club board membership was discussed.  Since the representatives for the yacht club are selected by the Commodores Association, it was suggested that HOST request representatives from the Association.

Action:  Chris will contact the Commodores for Robin and Brad to talk to the Association.

Expanded HOST Mailing List:         

The HOST mailing list has been expanded.  Chris informed the Advisory Board that Mr. Jim Milbury has agreed to serve as the Chair of the Communications Sub-Committee and will help HOST with its efforts to increase membership

Action:  Each Advisory Board member is encouraged to invite five people to the next General Membership meeting.

Other Business:

A.    Ocean Day, to be held on June 6, 2001, was discussed by the Advisory Board. 

Action:  It was suggested that Terry O’Halloran be asked if he would be willing to make a presentation at

Ocean Day.

Action: A thank you letter needs to be sent to thank Mike and TESORO for their support.

Action: Each Advisory Board member was asked to review the lists and provide copies (the original document, if possible) for the files and provide additional information for the accomplishments.


Robin informed the Advisory Board that HOST has been in existence since February 13, 1997, and the four-year anniversary was acknowledged at this meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 1703.

The next Advisory Board meeting will be on April 19 at 1500.