Hawaii Ocean Safety Team

General Membership Meeting Notes

June 13, 2002

Introductions: Attendance 35

Administrative:  Board meeting location has changed to Hawaii Yacht Club.  HOST is still looking for a Secretary please contact Robin if you want to volunteer.

Panel discussion on Hurricanes and preparedness:

Tom Heffner, National Weather Service: 

v     Because of the water warming in the Central Pacific the Weather Service is predicting six to seven storms this year instead of the average four to five.

v     There have been changes in the Marine Program check the Weather Service website for updated information.

v     National Weather Service works closely with the Joint Typhoon Warning Center at Pearl Harbor.

v     The Navy Research Center in California has a great track line that would be a handy tool for Hawaii.

Faye Chambers, State Civil Defense:

v     Statewide coordination

v     County Civil Defense takes the lead

v     State works with FEMA

Wayne Jones, Oahu Civil Defense:

v     The primary agency for Oahu

v     Aim to mitigate emergencies by being better prepared.

v     Close working relationship with other agencies

Marie Bird, Coast Guard Marine Safety Office

v     Heavy weather plan

v     Broadcast to mariners, Channel 16 & 22A

Craig Fukuda, DOT Harbors

v     Honolulu Harbor, Kewalo and Barbers Point

v     Preparation plan for 72, 48, 36 and 24 hrs. ETA

v     Brief employees, harbor tenants

v     Vessel disbursement plans

v     Help with the recovery and document

Keahi Birch, Matson

v     Dale Hazlehurst marine operations

v     Vessels in port and in route

v     Get yard operations back up

v     24hour warning-barges and cranes-evacuate non-essential personal

v     Port assessment team

v     3 Emergency generators to get cranes and refrigerator containers back up and running.

v     Employees have been prepared and so are their families.

 General Discussion:

             Civil Defense:  You need to prepare yourself knowing for the first 72 hours there may not be any assistance.  Storm surges are another feature of the hurricane.  In Waikiki, people will need to be moved to the third floor in a six-floor building. 

            Industry concerns about access to the waterfront and identification system need to be addressed. 

 Presentation of Farewell Gift to Capt. Gilbert Kanazawa closed the meeting.