Every year, the U.S. Coast Guard is forced spend millions of dollars in taxpayer money on search and rescue jobs that don’t need to happen.

When a kayak or surfboard is found drifting in the ocean, the U.S. Coast Guard leaps into action and begins searching for the owner, who might be lost at sea. Sometimes, someone who’s in trouble gets the help they need, and sometimes someone has just lost their surfboard. Either way, Coast Guard helicopters, airplanes, and boats head out to search.

HOST has partnered with the Coast Guard to promote the free U.S.C.G. orange “If Found” sticker program. The stickers help first responders identify the owner of watercraft and verify that the owner is safe in the event that their craft is found drifting. The stickers also increase the chances that lost or stolen craft make it back to their rightful owners.

When you, as a boat, kayak, SUP, or surfboard owner, place a stickers on your watercraft, you’re helping the Coast Guard save taxpayer money, you’re keeping life-saving assets from being stretched too thin, and you’re a lot more likely to see your lost watercraft if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Stickers are free of charge. Whether you’re a private party, a canoe club, a commercial dealer, or an ocean enthusiast, email HOST at info@hosthawaii.org for your stickers. Please include your shipping address in your email.

This program is overseen by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Learn more about the Auxiliary here, or download the USCG app here.