Hawaii Ocean Safety Team

Advisory Board Meeting


Attendees: Robin Bond, Richard Davison, Charles Pires, Susan Harper, Kim Beasley, Bob Heidrich, Bill Mossman, CMDR Sifling, Chris Woolaway, Mike Latham, Brad Rimell, Clint Jamile, Julia Morgan

 Guest:  Joe Curtis,  Barbers Point Training Center

Call To Order and Approval of the Minutes

Chairman Robin Bond opened the meeting.    A quorum being present he asked for a review of the minutes of the previous meeting.   After a review of the minutes they were approved by consensus.

AGENDA Item #3  –  Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that the IRS has received our filing submittal.  However, they are currently running about 5 months behind.   We have been assigned an agent, his name is Ronald Bell.

Robin asked if we had a report on any expenditures.   Chris didn’t have anything prepared but indicated that we have had no new expenditures.    That would mean that the balance remains at approximately $1,725.98 as previously reported.

AGENDA Item #4  –   Presentation by Mr. Joe Curtis of the Seafarers Training Center.

Robin introduced Mr. Joe Curtis of the new training center located at Barber’s Point.   Robin thought that the general membership might be interested in hearing about this new facility and thought that the Board would like to find out more about it.    He invited Mr. Curtis to give a presentation.

Joe passed out several prepared booklets.  By way of introducing himself he listed his extensive background as an officer in the blue water world of large vessels.    He is currently the managing this new training center being set up at Barber’s Point.   The training center is being established by American Service Technology Inc., which is a branch of the Seafarers Union.

He reported that the first phase of developing the facility is now complete.   They are currently able to teach and certify students in STCW, Basic Fire Fighting, and Bridge Team Management.      Phase two a more complete fire school facility including 2 each, 25 people class rooms and 2 each, 50 foot fire training burn pans, and a vessel simulator.   They are tailoring their program to meet the needs of the tug and towboat fleets, the Fire Department and sailors and boaters.  He emphasized that this will not be a license preparatory program but a fire and safety program.

Their main priority is the membership of the S.I. U., but are looking for a 50% / 50% mix with non-union participants.  

Discussion followed regarding training requirements for basic safety training, and advanced fire fighting renewals.    Robin asked the Board whether this type of presentation would be applicable and of interest to the HOST general membership.    The consensus of opinion was that this would be a valuable topic for presentation at a general membership meeting.

AGENDA Item  #5  –  Next Membership Meeting Topics

º           Robin began the discussion by asking Chris Woolaway for an update on the possibility of a shark feeding topic for an upcoming meeting.

Chris reported that she has had a conversation with DOBOR and DLNR.   They are apparently unaware of the problem.  They suggested that if there were concerned persons they should write a letter to DLNR.  Discussion followed regarding whether HOST should be the one to write a letter to the effect that a safety concern has been brought to our attention.    It was suggested that this may have more weight and would not give any appearance that we were shrinking away from our concern for people who bring a safety issue to our attention.      The intent of the letter would be to open the subject for further dialogue.    Sue reminded the group that our initial discussion focussed on bringing him (concerned citizen Andy Butler) in to a HOST meeting to share his concerns.   Are we clear among ourselves between a letter to DLNR or a discussion at a HOST meeting? 

Robin said that he had a discussion with John Naughton with NOAA regarding the practice of feeding sharks for tourists.   He raised concerns about the “training effect” that this could have on the sharks and the potential problems this could create for future visitor activities.     In any case he will not be able to attend the next meeting.

After further discussion it was decided to see if we could have a discussion at the next HOST  meeting.

 ACTION ITEM  –   Chris Woolaway is to invite Mr. Andy Butler, representatives from DLNR and the tour operating company to participate in a panel discussion at a future HOST meeting.

º           Robin asked Brad if he could give his presentation on Harbor Safety Committees.   HOST is a Harbor Safety Committee which  was created by the USCG in response to a mandate from headquarters.   One fundamental difference is that, in Hawaii, HOST is a statewide organization.    Across the mainland in other ports, these Safety Committees are port specific in design.   It was generally felt that this is a viable program that is a strong platform for contributions to the continuing issues related to harbor use.

            John Sifling, USCG, noted that the Coast Guard will be starting work on a Harbor Security Plan, to be fashioned after the Hawaiian Area Contingency Plan for Oil Spill Response.   HOST will be a contributing organization in this process.    The general membership needs to have an understanding of the overall Port Safety Committee program, to maximize their participation in community issues.

            Brad said he is willing to give a presentation in the future.

AGENDA Item  #6  –  Security Zones – Bill Mossman

Bill Mossman began his report by pointing out that the everyday boater doesn’t have a good understanding as to where the Security Zones are.   Perhaps HOST can do something to help spread this information.

John Sifling suggested that the information go on the web site.   This idea met with approval.   Discussion followed and Bill suggested we try to get a grant to produce a brochure or maps or something.   Robin suggested working with DOBOR to help pay for this.   

The committee will continue to look into this.   The current committee consists of Bill Mossman, Chris Woolaway, Bob Heidrich and Julia Morgan.

Kim asked if anyone had the original artwork or any definition of the locations of the nine (9) security zones.   Mike Latham promised to e-mail him this information.

AGENDA Item  #7  –   City & County Civil Defense Administrator Position

Robin invited a discussion on the current situation at Oahu Civil Defense by raising a concern that they do not currently have a full time administrator.  This begs the question that if something should happen, is City and County Civil Defense really prepared?

Discussion followed on the following points.

º           Is this a HOST issue?   To do our job we need to work with these people.    If they lack depth, follow through or continuity, this could effect our ability to accomplish progress.

º           Kim asked why they just don’t hire a new administrator?  They should be doing just that.   It is a civil service job.   The current part time employees are not hired through civil service.   There may be some kind of politics involved, or plans to change the structure of the job.

º           What can we do about it?    Brad suggested that our work on the issue of Harbor Access during an emergency should show a vacuum if a problem exists.    If this were the case, we would have reason and cause to raise concern.

The consensus of the Board was to proceed to do our job and watch to see if a problem shows itself.

AGENDA Item  #8  –   Pending HOST Safety Issues:

A)        DOBOR Safety Education.

Nothing much has happened on this topic.  Nothing to report.

B)        Harbor Entry During a Disaster

Brad Rimell reported that the subcommittee is still working to put together an initial meeting of the stakeholders.     More to follow.

C)        Kawaihae Harbor Tug and Barge Safety

The problem of mixed use was discussed at the last meeting and we decided to send a letter to DLNR & DOT raising our concerns for safety.  The intent is to give DLNR some a level with which they can perhaps push the Corps of Engineers to advance the work on the DLNR’s proposed harbor developments.

ACTION ITEM  –   Robin is to come up with a draft letter for the Board to review.

D)        Sea Walker Incident Response  (SNUBA)

            This issue is related to an inquiry into the safety of this type of tourist activity as reported to our web site.   This is, of course, what HOST is all about.    We responded by saying this was under investigation.

AGENA Item  #9  –   Home Land Security       

CMDR John Sifling of the USCG reported that they are currently working to develop a “Notice of Proposed Rule Making”  to covert the current nine temporary security zones, located throughout the main Hawaiian islands, into permanent ones.    This was reported at the last General Meeting and remains unchanged.

The USCG increased security over the Labor Day weekend and 9/11 to threat level Orange (second level).    Visible changes to the public may include signs on cars/patrols, and guns on boats.    The security zones did not change, however.

Discussion followed as to whether or not these changes in threat status are reported anywhere?   Not really.    National decisions are reported in the news.   Could local status changes be reported in the morning USCG broadcasts?  John Sifling said that he would look into that.

AGENDA Item  #10  –   HOST Christmas Party

The HOST Christmas Party will be held on December 19th at the Hawaii Yacht Club.    Everything is on track however if anyone knows of any door prizes that we could gather now is the time to think about it.   

AGENDA Item  #11  –   Announcements

º           We all know that the USCG Industry Day for 2001 was cancelled due to 9-11.   The USCG has asked some people to a meeting to determine if there is a community interest in doing this in 2002.     The problem is that they are going to have less manpower to set this up.    They want to know if there are any volunteers to help set up the event.

            Alternatives to the traditional format were also discussed at the meeting.   Perhaps topics could be presented at the quarterly HOST meetings.  Discussion followed as to whether this would dilute the focus away from HOST since we don’t have that many general membership meetings as it is.     More to follow.


Robin asked if there was any new business from the floor.

Charlie raised the issue of snorklers in commercial or busy recreation channels, is this a possible safety topic?      Discussion followed in which people related stories of tours of snorklers in the channel of the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor out along the side of Magic Island.    This definitely is an issue.     By consensus the Board felt we should follow up on this.

The next meetings are as follows:

º           Next Membership Meeting,  OCTOBER 10, 2002

º           Next Board Meeting,   OCTOBER 17, 2002