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Advisory Board Meeting

May 10, 2012 (3:00 pm)

Hawaii Yacht Club


John Benson                      Darren Bullock                     Bob Heidrich                         Brad Rimell

Lt. Kyle Ryan                       Naomi Wasano                   Scott Whaley                        Chris Woolaway

Roland Zwicky                    Robin Bond

1.      Call to Order 1500 (3:00 pm) Robin called the meeting to order at 1510 – there was not a quorum.

2.      Approval of the Minutes of the April 12 and April 19 meetings. The notes were accepted with changes and will be posted.  If anyone has further suggestions please get in touch with Robin.

3.      Treasurer’s Report – Chris Woolaway reported that there was no expenditures or funds coming in so the balance remains at $1,866.07.

4.      Topics for the June 21, HOST Membership Meeting

        a.   Update of the June 4 – 7 Hurricane Exercise – LCDR Scott Whaley will provide the update      for the Coast Guard.

        b.   Update on Mandatory Boater Education as a result of State rules.

        c.   Sub committee report on tsunami evacuation may be tabled if no new information is available.  Chris needs to circulate the tsunami safety information that DOBOR did some time ago. 

5.      Pending HOST Safety Issues

  a.   Flare disposal project – Chris reported for Arlen that the information that the City needed to set up an account to deal with tipping fees has been sent to Wayne Hamada.  We are waiting to hear back.  Arlen provided the estimate of yearly – expired flares on Oahu, which is 9,000 for recreational boaters and 2,700 for the commercial boaters.

6.      Continuing HOST Business  

        a.   Falls of Clyde safety issues and general update – Chris reported that there is a planning meeting at CIC on 05/28/2011 to work out the dry-dock arrangements.  Work has continued to get the displacement numbers and the actual ship measurements.  There is work being scheduled for July with ship experts coming into Honolulu to help the Board.

        b.   Marine debris from the Japan tsunami – Chris reported that as stated by Dr. Jan Hafner (UH IPRC)  there are three efforts for monitoring and documentation planned the first one (by Algalita/5 Gyres/Pangaea Exploration Team) has already started as of May 1st with a transit from Majuro to Japan. The second leg will depart from Tokyo on May 30 and arrive on Maui.  They are in contact with University of Hawaii’s IPRC and other research institutions.  

        c.   Update of Lahaina Tendering Video – No report

        d.   Hawaii Ocean Expo – April 21 & 22 results of the HOST booth. Robin reported that the Expo went well. There were a lot of good questions and additions to our mailing list.  Robin thanked Brad, Bob, Chris and Naomi for the coverage.  The “Share the Ocean” educational materials were received well.

        e.   Share the Ocean – Update. Nothing new at this time.

        f.    Keehi Lagoon range marker update – Brad reported that the final arrangements are with the City & County Parks and Recreation.  We will be checking back with Carrie Leong to follow up. 

7.      New Business

        a.   Open ocean canoe racing safety issues meeting – John Benson gave a report of a meeting that was held last night as the kickoff for the “Open Ocean Sport Events Safety Committee.”


Open Ocean Sport Events Safety Committee Meeting

May 09, 2012  – (6pm)

Escort Boats Hawaii Club House

1.      Call to Order 1815 (6:15pm)

2.      In Attendance: Robin Bond (HOST), Scott Whaley (USCG), Cesar Emanuello (OHCRA), Fritz King (EBH), Mike Takahashi (M2O), Dennis Kamikawa (Self –RCMT), John Benson (HOST)

3.      Introduction and Purpose of Meet and Greet

a.         Upon Request – gave a short background of self to the Group

b.         LCDR Whaley shared his Vision and Purpose of forming this Subcommittee and having this committee come up with a Standard Protocol for Escort Boat Operator Training and Certification. Emphasizing that his Office is not trying to Regulate or make up New Regulations.

1)          Discussions that followed: Having a Group that is capable of Conducting this type of Training. Who will be the People in Charge/Responsible to Certify these Boat Operators?

c.          Robin Bond gave a brief background of himself – then

Explained the who and what HOST is and how they work with the Various Maritime Entities to help assist in troubleshooting and problem solving in whatever situations that might occur as a Facilitator and to come up with a “SOP” (SAFE-OPERATING-PROCEDURE) and coming to a Consensus of those involved to agree to this so called “Best Practice” for a Standard Protocol for Escort Boats. Keeping the State DLNR People in the Loop.

1)         Gathering the various Organizations to pool  their Race Rules/Requirements and in house Regulations to come up with a Standard Operating Procedure outside of the already implemented Boating Laws of the State of Hawaii and the US Coast Guard.

2)         With the concerns of Canoes Cross the Shipping and Boating Channels of the Harbors – Robin mentioned that HOST has access thru the “Star of Honolulu” Cruise Vessel to have Canoe Club Coaches, etc. to take a Ride onboard the Vessel to experience and gain knowledge of how these Large Vessels are Restricted in their ability in tight Quarters to maneuver and that these Vessels cannot stop on a dime. Emphasizing Boating Awareness and not trying to cut in front of these Large Vessels.

4.      Open Discussions:

a.   I gave a Generalized Breakdown of 3 Types of Experienced Escort Boaters

1)         Paddler/Boat Drivers – Approx. 30%

2)         Non Paddling Boat Drivers – w’Years of Experience -30%

3)         Boat Drivers Over the Past 25 years that went through Escort Boats Hawaii Training and Workshops – 30%

4)         And the So called “NewBees” – 10%

b.         Educating and having the Paddlers themselves learn what to Look for in Hiring a Boat, ie (Checklist to go through with Boat Captain) before agreeing to hire said Boat.

c.          Enforcing Rules, Fines and Punishments for non-compliance

d.         Bottom Line is to get all the Race Org. to Standardize Safe Operating Procedures and Protocol.

e.          All that was present agreed and gave a positive responds to forming this Committee. The committee was named “Open Ocean Sport Events Committee”.

f.            LCDR Whaley asked if we could meet monthly to get this Committee off and running  – all agreed.

g.          Robin invited all who attended this meeting to join us at the Bi-monthly meetings at METC.  And that they could read more about HOST on our Website.

h.          I will be taking on more Subcommittee members from the BOD meeting tomorrow at HYC.

5.   Adjourn 1945 (7:45pm)

        b.   Koko Marina Boating Fun Fest 2012 — May 19, 2012 9am – 3pm at Koko Marina

              Shopping Center – Robin asked for assistance, as he will have a boat in dry-dock.

        c.   Election of new Board Officers – Robin asked if folks have nominations for new board members to give the names to Bob Heidrich by May 31. 

8.    USCG Concerns:  None

9.    State of Hawaii Concerns (DOT Harbors and DLNR):  No representation present.

10.  Coast Guard Auxiliary and Power Squadron Issues:  Questions came up about the State’s mandatory boater education rules if they apply to sailboats. Naomi offered that the definitions do indicate that the rules apply to sail boats.  Chris introduced the following that just came out in the NASBLA newsletter:

        U.S. Coast Guard experts seek validation of POWER Standards
For the first time in U.S. maritime history, a diverse group of subject matter experts (SMEs) have agreed to an initial set of 37 on-water, skill-based standards that recreational powerboat operators should be able to demonstrate at the entry level. With support from a U.S. Coast Guard grant, US Sailing/US Powerboating has engaged a professional facilitator to assist the SMEs in achieving national consensus on the development of on-water skill-based standards. The Grant Oversight Committee is now seeking public validation of this initial version of powerboat standards through a national survey targeting recreational boating educators across the U.S. Individuals involved in the recreational boating education community, and especially those with experience in on-water or experientially based teaching or training, are urged to participate in a short online survey designed to collect feedback on the content of the power standards. After validating the content, the SME Team will test the applicability of the powerboat skills standards on the water in a national field test. Long term, the USCG anticipates that these consensus-built, skill-based power standards will be recognized as components to be incorporated in any recreational powerboating education program.

11.  NOAA Issues:  None

12.  Announcements: John shared that Ed “Chip” Tilton passed away on April 16 and that his service will be held on June 23, 2012.

        Chris reported that the electronic news “Raising Islands” posted that the “Ships at sea could warn of tsunami:  UH/PTWC researchers” The link to this story is:

13.  Next Meetings:     AdvisoryBoard Meeting: June 14, 2012 (3:00 pm)

                                        Membership Meeting: June 21, 2012 (2:00)

14.  Adjourn 1700 (5:00 pm)