Hawaii Ocean Safety Team   

 Advisory Board Meeting

June 4, 2009 (3:00 pm)

Hawaii Yacht Club


Kim Beasley                                                              Paula Carroll

Warren B. Ditch, Jr.                                                 LCDR Marcella Granquist

Bob Heidrich                                                             Brad Rimell

Robin Bond, Jr.                                                        Chris Woolaway

Ed Enos                                                                     Robin Bond

1.    1500 (3:00 pm) Call to order – Introductions

      Robin called the meeting to order.   We have a quorum.

2.    Approval of last Board meeting minutes  –  Robin will be sending out the minutes

for several meetings

3.    Treasurer’s Report – Chris

Chris Woolaway reported that we currently have $2,714.93

4.    June 18, 2009 Membership Meeting Topics

We are going to have a report on the Hurricane Preparedness drill.  A major topic was restoring harbor activity.    This in conjunction with the USCG guidelines that are part of the Hurricane Plan.

There will also be a update on neighbor islands security zones

Paula Carroll will give a critique on the recent Canoe Club meeting on the Star of Honolulu.

5.    Pending HOST Issues:

a.     Shore entry dive safety – Robin No update at this time.

b.      Flare disposal project – Chris  reported that nothing has been worked out on the local level.   Robin reported that at the local problem is a national problem.  When the topic came up at the National Convention no one had a solution.

6.   Old Business

a.   Harbor Safety Committee Conference  –  Robin reported that the next Harbor Safety Committee will be in either New York or New Orleans.   It was pointed out that there is no “network” of Harbor Safety Committees.    The only Harbor Safety Committee on homeport is Hawaii.     The need to use USCG’s Homeport is cumbersome due to the need to get passwords every three months and the way that Harbor Safety Committee data is setup.

b.   Critique of the May 16 Koko Marina Boating Fest – Robin

            HOST participated in The Boat Fest which was a success.   HOST had some interest.  The USCG was there with their helicopter.   There was a good audience

c.   Paula Carol gave a report on Canoe Club meeting the Star of Honolulu.   We could use a bigger turn out but we did have a successful effort.   They had this on Saturday the May 23 which was Memorial Day weekend.    There were two folks from Maui.  There were people from about four different canoe clubs.

d.   Falls of Clyde update  –  Chris

Falls of Clyde is scheduled for dry-dock in late July.   They have received $45,000 for dry dock and assessment from the Atherton Family Foundation.

e.   Wikoliana – Discussion of the funding issue. It will be deferred until further information is available. In the meantime, there will be another cleanup of Pier 7 on Monday, June 8 at 10:00 am.

7.    New Business – There was no new Business

8.    United States Coast Guard – No additional concerns

9.    State of Hawaii – No attendance

10. NOAA – Coastal Survey – No concerns

11. Coast Guard Auxiliary – No concerns

12. Announcements:

  1. Ed Enos reported that Lt. Jeff Taylor of NOAA has just completed a bottom survey of Honolulu, Harbor.   This looks like it may be a couple of weeks out.
  1. Ed also reported that the Pilots are developing a video of what it is like to be in the bridge of a container ship and what they can and cannot see.

13. Next meetings AdvisoryBoard Meeting: July 9, 2009

                              Membership Meeting: June 18, 2009

14. Adjourn 1700 (5:00 pm)