HOST Advisory Board Meeting Minutes of July 19, 2001  

Subject to Board Approval

Members Present:  

Robin Bond, Clarence Chong, Ed Enos, Susan Harper, Captain Gilbert Kanazawa, Bill Mossman, Terry O’Halloran, Pat Pettigrew, Brad Rimell, Mark Willis, Christine Woolaway, Roy Yee.

Members Absent:          

Ed Araki, Randy Cates, Mike DeRego, Warren Ditch, Mike Duvall, Mike Latham, Charlie Pires, Stan Radio, Russell Rippetoe, Barry Solywoda, Anne Stevens, Terry White,

Members Excused: 

Bill Anonsen, Barbara Defranco, Sam Forbes, Tom Heberle, Michael Heisler, Giles Loftin, Jim Walsh.


George Butler, Clint Jamile, Lanky Morrill

Call to Order:           

The monthly HOST Advisory Board meeting was held on Thursday, July 19, 2001. Robin Bond, Chair, called the meeting to order at 1500 pm, at KEMS Electric at Pier 35.

Minutes Approved: 

The minutes from June 21,2001, were approved as revised.

Treasurer’s Report: 

Christine Woolaway informed the Advisory Board that there was a balance of $1,309.04 available in the HOST checking account.

Status of the next Membership Meeting: 

The topic of the August 9th General Membership Meeting, “Whale Strike”, will cover the increased whale populations and collisions with boats. The meeting will focus on conservation and safety in congested waterways and will be facilitated by Terry O’Halloran. It was suggested that Captain Gilbert Kanazawa provide an update of the salvage efforts of the Ehime Maru, which is scheduled to begin in July 2001.

New Membership Meeting Topics:  

A.     Emergency response capabilities of the State of Hawaii

B.     Impact of cruise ships on Hawaii and its ports

New HOST Safety Issues:

A.     The Small Vessel Sub-Committee has been re-established to assist Carol She’ from DLNR. Due to the sensitive nature of the issues to be addressed, Robin felt HOST needed an unbiased member to Chair this Sub-Committee to complete the task. Although Pat will continue to be the overall Chair of the Small Vessel Sub-Committee, Chris was selected as the Facilitator of the DLNR discussions.

B.     Robin informed the Advisory Board of the grant they are working on to develop a Marine Safety Communication educational program. The grant will focus on promoting safety in Hawaii by educating people who use the ocean.


Pat informed the Advisory Board of five (5) items that still need to be collected by the silent bidder. Since notifications have been sent to all bidders, the Advisory Board gave approval to notify the next highest bidder, so all items have been distributed.

Other Business: 

A.     The U.S.C.G. has new personnel. The Commander of the Fourteenth Coast Guard District is Rear Admiral Ralph D. Utley. LCDR George Butler is the new Chief of Port Operations. The Commander of the Coast Guard Group Honolulu Operations/Communication is CMD Thomas Tabrah, and the Deputy Commander is L T Patricia Kutch.

B.     The status of HOST’s 501 (c)(3) is still pending.


Due to conflicts in scheduling, the HOST meeting dates in October have been changed. The General Membership meeting will be held on October 18th at 2:00 p.m. and the Advisory Board meeting will be held on October 25th at 3 :00 p.m.


The meeting was adjourned at 1707.

The next Advisory Board meeting will be on August 23rd at 1500.