HOST Advisory Board Meeting Minutes of February 15, 2001

Subject to Board approval

Members Present:  

Robin Bond, Tom Heberle, Capt. Gil Kanazawa, Bill Mossman, Terry O’Halloran, Pat Pettigrew, Charlie Pires, Mark Willis, Terry White, Christine Woolaway, Roy Yee. 

Members Absent:   

Kiwi Albrecht, Bill Anonsen, Ed Araki, Randy Cates, Clarence Chong, Mike DeRego, Warren Ditch, Mike Duvall, Ed Enos, Mike Latham, Russel Rippetoe, Charlie Stone.

Members Excused: 

Barbara Defranco, Sam Forbes, Michael Heisler, Giles Loftin, Brad Rimell, Anne Stevens, Jim Walsh.

Call to Order:           

The monthly HOST Advisory Board meeting was held on Thursday, February 15, 2001.  The meeting was called to order by Robin Bond, Chair, at 3:11 p.m. at KEMS Electric at Pier 35.

Minutes Approved: 

The minutes from the November 16, 2000 and January 18, 2001 were reviewed and approved. 

Treasurer’s Report:

Christine Woolaway informed the Advisory Board of the outstanding debts to be reimbursed to Robin and Anne Stevens.  There is $17.50 available in the HOST checking account, with no new funds received to date.

Action:  It was recommended that a listing of all accounts payables and receivables be provided to the Advisory Board at each meeting, so the members are aware of the HOST financial situation.

Critique of February Meeting:      

Robin felt that HOST needs to build on membership attendance at the general Membership meetings. This could be done with more advance notice of the upcoming meetings. Meeting notices need to be sent via e-mail and fax.  It was recommended that meeting notices be sent/faxed one month in advance, with a reminder notice sent one week before each meeting.  Also, at the bottom of each notice, a listing of the upcoming meetings should be included. 

Action:  Robin to obtain the HOST fax list from Mark.     

Communications Sub-Committee:          

Robin and Chris met with Ray Pendleton from the Honolulu Advertiser to talk about public relations efforts for HOST.  It was suggested that the HOST General Membership meetings be publicized in newspapers, such as the Honolulu Advertiser, Hawaii Fishing News, etc., so that more people could see the upcoming agenda. 

The Advisory Board proposed the following ideas:

A.       Terry White is willing to publicize the HOST general membership meetings in his magazine Hawaii Ocean Industry and Shipping News.  He will provide Robin with deadline dates for publication.

B.       HOST needs to be more visible.  An example is visibility at the Hawaiian Maritime Industry Day or in magazines such as Terry’s and the Pacific Business News. 

C.       A social event could be held to reintroduce HOST to the industry.

D.       HOST may want to change the layout of its website and include more links.

E.       HOST could publish a marine events calendar for the industry.  This could also be a moneymaking effort.

F.       HOST could write a column

Action:  Robin suggested that the Communication Sub-Committee be reactivated to handle the public relation efforts for HOST.  Chris agreed to talk with Jim Milbury, who is a retired USCG Information Officer, if he would be willing to chair this committee.

Status of Next Membership Meetings:

The topic for the April 5th meeting, which will be facilitated by Pat Pettigrew, will cover the issue of diver down flags and to identify submarine operated/traffic areas and ways to prevent a similar type of accident in the future.  The June 14th meeting topic area will tentatively cover Barber’s Point being open to night operations, dredging, and the Ko Olina Marina: the increase in traffic and what’s available or not available at the harbor.  Tom Heberle will facilitate the June 14th meeting.

Recreational Vessel Safety Requirements:       

Bill Mossman updated the Advisory Board of the S.B. 216, which is referred to as the EPIRB bill.  The bill was heard by the Transportation Committee and passed without an amendment.  The bill has been forwarded to the Judiciary Committee and a hearing is to be scheduled.  The amendment adds the requirement of a VHS radio or EPIRB for all registered vessels in the State of Hawaii.


A.       Robin informed the Advisory Board that Anne Stevens was working

on obtaining funds for HOST.

B.       Terry O’Halloran informed the Advisory Board that Tim Guard from McCabe, Hamilton and Renny would be back in his office on Tuesday.  Terry will ask him how they would like HOST to officially ask for the donation. 

C.       Pat informed the Advisory Board of an opportunity to submit a proposal to the Hawaii Community Foundation (HCF).  She was able to obtain a copy of a proposal submitted by another organization that was funded by the HCF in the amount of $86K.  Pat has already prepared a draft proposal for HOST, with an operating budget, which included administrative support.  

Action:  Pat, Robin and Chris will work on the final proposal and budget to submit to the HCF.    

Board Membership:

A.       Tom informed the Advisory Board that Barry Solywoda will replace Ed Enos as the alternate to represent the Pilots.

B.       Capt. Kanazawa informed the Advisory Board that Geoff Wall is no longer the Kauai Representative.   

Expanded HOST Mailing List:        

Pat and Robin informed the Advisory Board of their efforts to update the

HOST mailing list by requesting each existing member to send a reply to

the system.  The mailing list has been expanded to include members of the state legislature and additional units of the U.S. Coast Guard.  They are working on including people from State and City departments, the Navy and tour boat operators (charter operations). 

It was cautioned that a statement be listed on the bottom of the e-mail, indicating that if the person did not want to be on the HOST mailing list, to send a reply back to HOST with the words “Unsubscribe” written in the subject area.

Other Business:      

A.       The Advisory Board decided to not participate in this year’s Boating Safety Festival, to be held on February 24, 2001. 

B.       At the last general membership Meeting, Mr. Bob Murray asked HOST provide a speaker for Ocean Day, to talk about how they built their business in the ocean.  Robin asked the Advisory Board for suggestions for a speaker to make a presentation at Ocean Day, to be held on June 6, 2001. 

Action:  It was suggested that Randy Cates be asked if he would be willing to make a presentation on his ocean farming business.


A.       Mark Willis informed the Advisory Board of the Port Vulnerability Assessment that will be conducted in April 2001.  The assessment is completed by a defense threat reduction agency to determine how vulnerable a port is to terrorism.  A Pre-Assessment meeting for the Port of Honolulu will be held on April 12th, and should include all stakeholders in the industry. 

The meeting will provide a briefing on what’s going to happen, so when they arrive, people will know what they are doing.  Mark encouraged HOST to attend the meeting and it was decided that representatives from each industry within HOST attend the meeting. Mark is trying to schedule the meeting at the USCG Club 14. 

B.       Robin informed the Advisory Board of the Third National Harbor Committee Conference to be held on March 19-20, 2001, in San Francisco, CA.

C.       Capt. Kanazawa informed the Advisory Board of the new website for the U.S. Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Office in Honolulu:

D.       Capt. Kanazawa reminded the Advisory Board to register for the Hawaiian Maritime Industry Day to be held on March 1, 2001.  A booth has been reserved for HOST, and arrangements need to be made with the MSO office.

Action:  Robin and Pat agreed to work on the booth set-up.

E.       Pat informed the Advisory Board that she has registered the HOST name, at $5.00/month.  The name “” is reserved for  future use. 

F.       Chris informed the Advisory Board of a booth that is being reserved for HOST at the Fishermen Festival.  More details will be provided later.


The meeting was adjourned at 1710.

The next Advisory Board meeting will be on March 15 at 1500.