The meeting (Annual Party) was held at the Hawaii Yacht Club. There were 45 attendees.

Call To Order:   Chairman Robin Bond called the meeting to order and thanked the following companies for their generous donations to make the annual party a success:

Hawaii Pilots Association                                                Waldron Steamship Co.

Propeller Club Of Honolulu                                              Bill Anonsen

Sause Bro.                                                                           Tesoro

Aqua Lung Pacific                                                             Hawaii Tug & Barge

KEMS Electric                                                                     Horizon Lines

Clean Islands Council                                                       Pacific Ocean Producers

Hawaii Yacht Club                                                              State Of Hawaii

The attendees enjoyed excellent food, great prizes and fellowship.

Next Meetings:

          Advisory Board Meeting – January 13, 2005

          General Membership Meeting – February 10, 2005