May 12th, 2022 Advisory Board

In-Person & Zoom Virtual Meeting

1. Call to Order 2:06 pm. Bill Anonsen, Ed Enos, Pete Kirk, MacDonald, Gabe
Nelson, and Nate Silva were in attendance in person. Tom Collins, Jessica
Erdman, Beth Goodwin, Clifford Inn, David Lee, Teri Leicher, Bill Marhoffer,
Steve Morita, LCDR Hadley Owen, Mik Roer, Ely Spivack and LCDR Josh
Williams were in attendance virtually.

2. Introduction of guests. Jessica Erban, social media consultant, is partnering with
HOST on promoting the ‘Scan if Found’ project.

3. Old Business:

a. The Scan if Found Sticker program is live! Stickers are in 4 stores across
the island: POP, West Marine, Surf N Sea, and West Side Dive in Kailua.
In the past month, we’ve met with Coast Guard D14, CG Recreational
Boating Safety Specialists nationwide, and CG Legal counsel, all of whom
seem interested in adopting & pushing the sticker out to a wider audience.
The question is how to go about doing that. We’ve also begun working
with social media consultant Jessica Erban, who will be helping us get the
word out online. At this stage in the project, it’s all about promotion. We
ask that HOST members pass along your ideas & any useful contacts for
helping spread the word about this project.

b. The Tsunami Alert Subcommittee is in the process of collecting contact
info for our maritime stakeholder list. Once the list is fully built out (est. 2
weeks), we’ll be passing the alert list onto the USCG, who will be giving
these contacts an early heads up in the event of a potential tsunami threat
to Hawaii. Thanks for all the enthusiasm for this project.

c. Kahului Commercial/Recreational Safety Subcommittee update. Ely
Spivack requested a meeting with HOST and the Maui Harbors District
Manager to discuss signage for communicating the wingfoiling rules as
well as some concerns related to parking areas & access for emergency
vehicles. Ely also reported the tragic death of a member of the Maui
wingfoiling community, and his hui’s efforts to identify & list the AEDs
close by the Kahului Harbor area.

d. Big Island mooring conversions update. Teri Leicher and Beth Goodwin
explained their desire to convert the submerged manta ray moorings into
surface buoys for safety reasons. Clifford Inn is connecting them with the
appropriate people at DLNR, and they have been connected with the
USCG D14 Waterways Division. Teri & Beth will be identifying the process
for converting the moorings with these regulators.

4. New Business:

a. Mac mentioned that we can plan to hold a General Membership Meeting
in June for the purpose of promoting the ‘Scan if Found’ program, along
with any other topics that are suggested between now & then.

5. USCG Concerns:

a. LCDR Williams:
i. Expressed support for the Scan if Found, Kona mooring buoys &
Tsunami Alert initiatives.
ii. Announced that on Friday May 13th JUNIPER would be returning to
port & immediately placing buoys 1, 2, & 5 back on station. Buoys 3
& 4 remain relocated for the time being.

b. Bill Marhoffer:
i. Discussed recent alternate port & hurricane exercises he’s
ii. Discussed the issue of disposal of marine flares on the neighbor
islands. No method currently exists to dispose of these properly.
iii. Discussed the risks associated with lithium-ion battery fires aboard
ships, especially relevant to car carriers.

6. State of Hawaii Concerns:
a. Cliff Inn NTR.
b. David Lee announced that channel dredging in Honolulu Harbor is
complete and that there will be no more dredging until 2023.

7. NOAA/NWS Concerns:
a. LCDR Owen reported involvement in a recent ‘exercise’ involving a
sailboat blocking the Honolulu ship channel.
b. LCDR Owen also encouraged HOST members to reach out to her at if you:
i. need expert navigation preparation and response information for
severe weather or hurricane preparedness and post-storm
ii. know of a danger to navigation that should be charted
iii. need experienced assistance in navigational project coordination
iv. want NOAA at your Harbor Safety Committee meeting, or other
maritime-related conference or workshop
v. require more information about NOAA’s latest navigation
vi. are looking for objective information on hardware and software
products for safe navigation and homeland security
vii. have an idea for a new navigation product that would improve
safety, efficiency, or value for the marine economy
viii. need advice to resolve navigational problems
ix. have a concern about a NOAA nautical chart or data
8. Hawaii Pilots Concerns: Ed Enos thanked the USCG for putting the Honolulu
buoys back on station asap.
9. Announcements: Clifford Inn retirement.

10. Next Meeting:Advisory Board June 9th, 2022.
General Membership Meeting June 16th, 2022.

11. Adjourn 3:00 pm.

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