June 10, 2021 Advisory Board

Advisory Board Meeting Minutes
June 10, 2021, 2:00 pm
Zoom Virtual Meeting

  1. Call to Order 2:05 pm. Mac MacDonald, Ethan Creps Gabe Nelson, Erika Janzen, Mimi Cleary, Teri Leicher, Susan Yamamoto, Peter Pillone, Tom Collins, Mik Roer, and John Bravender were in attendance virtually.
  • Treasurer’s Report:
    • No expenses to report.
  • Old Business:
    • “If Found” sticker update: Presented video demonstration of registering and using proposed QR-code sticker. Mac mentioned some issues with the old stickers & the need for improvement, as well as the need for funding, which HOST will be presenting to the USCG.
    • State recognition. Ethan Creps and Peter Pillone discussed a meeting to address this project.
    • Honolulu Harbor Festival/Maritime Week 2022. Neil Kanemoto and Bill Anonsen have connected recently with industry representatives whose participation in the festival will be essential. The festival/week is currently penciled in for September of 2022.
  • New Business:
    • Proposed topics for June General Membership Meeting:
      • John Bravender hurricane season outlook and recap.
      • 6-11-21 update: LCDR Williams confirmed that USCG representatives will be present at the General Membership Meeting to present on the recent joint SAR exercise.
    • Mac proposed shifting to in person meetings in July. HOST will investigate possible locations & will stay posted for changes to COVID-19 restrictions.
    • Reviewed draft SOP for Deconflicting the operations of the Piers 52/53 Crane Boom and Tall ships.
      • Peter Pillone mentioned that a HOST SOP for vessel spacing would be a good idea. Mac and ship agents are currently developing one.
      • Later in the meeting, Tom Collins expressed approval of the proposed SOP on behalf of the HPA.
      • The process for approving a new SOP will need to be investigated.
    • Teri Leicher expressed that the mask mandate on open-air recreational vessels should be re-evaluated by Congress. It was recommended that Teri contact LCDR Williams to address the issue locally with the Coast Guard first.
    • Chris Woolaway has passed away. She was an active and influential member of HOST and her community; she will be missed.
  • USCG Concerns:
    • Erika Janzen reported that the USCG will be conducting industry days on Oahu and the neighbor islands. The REC will be getting out to check in with local companies to ensure that crews are being served (applications/application training for renewals and raises in grade, etc.). Dates and info to follow.
    • Mik Roer reported that on Jan 1, 2022, the Maritime License Center in downtown Honolulu will be shutting down. TRL from San Diego will be providing Captains courses in the area, but the full extent of their course catalogue is unknown at this time. It is expected that mariners will have to travel to get required training going forward.
    • Annual mariner physicals should be sent directly to the REC, not the NMC.
  • State of Hawaii Concerns (DOT Harbors & DLNR):
    • Honolulu Harbor maintenance dredging update: Currently conducting mitigation for coral damage in the vicinity of the entrance channel. Current area of focus is in Kapalama Basin. Experiencing permitting issues- dredging in the main portion of the harbor to resume in the next couple of months.
  • City and County Concerns (Ocean Safety Division):  None
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary/Power Squadron Concerns: None.
  • NOAA Concerns: None.
  1. Hawaii Pilots Concerns: Tom Collins expressed agreement with the proposed SOP regarding the Pier 52/53 crane booms and tall ships.
  1. Announcements: None.
  1. Next Meeting:          General Membership Meeting June 17th, 2021.
  1. Adjourn 2:45 pm.


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