December 9, 2004 Advisory Board


Kim Beasley                                                              LCDR Rick Raksnis

Kimo Corstorphine                                                   John Regan

Bob Heidrich                                                             Chris Woolaway

Susan Harper                                                            John Regan

Bill Mossman                                                             Capt. Terry Rice, Ret.

Hector Venegas                                                        Brad Rimell

Arlen Walsten                                                            Terry White

Kevin Nishimura                                                        Troy Brown

Michael Tongg                                                           Sinclair Brown

Ed Araki                                                                     Captain Tim Skuby

Randy Swindell                                                          Robin Bond   

AGENDA ITEM #1    Call to Order

Robin called the meeting to order.   A quorum of the membership was present.

AGENDA ITEM #2      Approval of the Minutes of last meeting.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

AGENDA ITEM #3    Treasurer’s Report

Chris Woolaway reported that we currently have $2,042.40.  

AGENDA ITEM #4    Next Membership Meeting Topics

●          Card Tracking.    A suggestion was made that Kim could update the membership on the status of the drift card survey efforts for Barber’s Point.   Should be a short presentation of about 5 minutes.    Kim agreed to do it.

●          Harbor Congestion Panel.    One of our more successful presentations of last year was the discussion on the concern about the Harbor congestion being caused by the Security Zones around the cruise ships.    Perhaps we could revisit this topic from a broader point of view and include an updated forecast.    The panel discussion could include the fast ferry, and future cruise ship activities.    People on the panel could include Kim Beasley, Brad Rimell, Troy Brown, Tom Heberle, and Terry White for starters.   Kim will head up a meeting to flesh out discussion points.

●          Whale Counts.    Another possible topic could be an update on the latest Humpback Whale counts.

●         Parasailing Industry.   Robin suggested that perhaps we could find someone to discuss the Parasailing Industry.    There are a growing number of businesses conducting parasailing tours and for the general membership not much information has been made available.    This could be an informational effort.   Terry may be someone who could share some information on this subject.

●         Another possible short topic could be to review the highlights of the year 2004.     Robin will be preparing a report as part of our non-profit requirements and he could share this information to the general membership.

●          Robin also suggested that for the NEXT general membership meeting we could consider an informational presentation on Tsunami early warning and State preparedness.

AGENDA ITEM #5    Pending HOST Safety Issues

●          SOP 6-98 Commercial VHF Comms.  Hector reports that he isn’t receiving much feedback on his request for information.    His suggestion is to go with the information that he currently has.   The group agreed.

●          Safety at Sea Seminar.   Susan Harper announced that the first Safety at Sea Seminar has been scheduled for Jan 22nd at the Humpback Whale Sanctuary in Hawaii Kai.    Kim has been asked to help with brochures.   It has been advertised in the Hawaii Fishing News.    The next meeting of the committee will be at 5:30 pm , January 5th at the Kaneohe Yacht Club if anyone would like to attend.

●          Kawaihae Harbor Tug and Barge Safety  –  Brad pointed out that Sause has settled all claims from the 2002 incident.     This process had a lot of high emotion but little State action.  Now that we have some new Harbors people it may be that we can begin to see some activity on this.

●          SOP 9-98 Temporary Shelter for Foreign Crews.    Terry Rice has created a draft “place holder” rewrite of our outdated S.O.P. 9-98.   We haven’t found a new location but the rewrite drops the Seafarers location but does discuss how the Immigration people will address the situation.

●          Discoloration of the Harbor Waters.   Bill Anonsen was busy through the Holidays.    More on this later.

AGE   AGENDA ITEM #6     Multiple Cruise Ships  SOP 7-98

Jeff Connors of the Pilots Association raised concerns about traffic at the offshore anchorages of Kona, Lahaina as wells as poor scheduling and conflicts of cruise ships and barge going into Nawiliwili at the same time.

In addition, these issues are compounded by the proximity of recreational activities.    LCDR Rick Raksnis  discussed the activities of Mr. Hal Silva of the Lahaina Harbor .    He has been very proactive in working to control traffic in the Lahaina area.    Perhaps we could have him come to a general membership meeting and give a presentation.    Kim said that he could arrange for air fare.     Rick will get Kim Mr. Silva’s contact information and Kim will contact him to see if he is available.

Perhaps we could get a committee together to review and possible improve our SOP on this subject.   Possible committee members could include Kim, Troy , Bob H., Terry Rice, and Terry White.   More to follow.

AGENDA ITEM #7    USCG Concerns

Captain Skuby announced that all Security Plans have been approved and are in place.    There will be a general meeting of the AMSC in February.

AGENDA ITEM #8    State of Hawaii Concerns

As there were no State Representatives present, no report was forthcoming.

AGENDA ITEM #9    Coast Guard Auxiliary Issues

None at this time.

AGENDA ITEM #10    Announcements

There will be an Ala Wai Boat Harbor Cleanup to be held on December 11th, 2004 .     Anyone wishing to help please contact Chris Woolaway.


Robin asked if there were any further comments.   Hearing none he adjourned the meeting.


Executive Board Meeting:

            January 13, 2005 ,   3:00 pm ,   Hawaii Yacht Club located in

            the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor .

General Membership Meeting:

February 17, 2004 ,   2:00 pm ,   Honolulu Community College Marine Education Training Center just over the bridge off Sand Island Road .

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