November 8, 2007 Advisory Board

HOST Advisory Board Meeting

November 8, 2007

Hawaii Yacht Club

Bill Anonsen                                                               Kimo Corstorphine                                            

Bob Heidrich                                                              CDR Kathy Moore

Bill Mossman                                                             Eina Chin

LT. Jasmin Parker                                                    Neil Kanemoto

John Regan                                                               Arlen Walsten

Joe Almony                                                                Chris Woolaway                                           

Robin Bond

  1. 1500 (3:00 pm) The meeting was called to order – Introductions – Neil Kanemoto is a new Director representing Ocean Recreation and Eina Chin is taking the place of Joe Almony of the Super ferry.  There was no quorum.
  • Approval of last Board and Membership meeting minutes – There were no minutes to approve.
  • Treasurer’s Report – $2,534.24 in checking with includes $520 contribution from Jeff Brennan.  A letter of thanks has been generated             and sent by Robin.
  • Critique of the October 18 Membership Meeting – All agreed that it was a very stimulating and interesting meeting. Bill Mossman will chair a subcommittee to follow-up on the Ethanol issue with the State.

      Jasmin asked if there were any questions on TWIC.  Bill Anonsen mentioned that the enrollment started yesterday on November 7th.The mobile unit is scheduled for next month with Matson being first.  It will take about 1 ½ years to get caught up.  There have been software problems and Bill suggests getting pre-enrolled, it should cult the time in half for registration.  Payment is Certified Check or charge card –no cash or personal; checks.  They have opened 3 stations so they should be able to handle 40 people per day.  

  • February 2008 Membership Meeting Topics – Please consider topics to be included in next February’s Membership Meetings. Robin asked if this year’s schedule of HOST meetings is still OK and was given the green light to schedule next year’s (2008) meetings the same way.
  • HOST Christmas Party – December 13, 2007

            Everyone is ready and we will be looking for donations for prizes.

      6. Pending HOST Issues:

  1. SOP 7-98 Multiple Cruise Vessel Visiting Offshore Port Anchorages – Kim was not here for a report.
    1. Tug Assistance – Tom/Troy: DOT is going back to the drawing board as the circulated version was incorrect. There needs to be consideration for the economic impacts; fire prevention services may be private.  Salvage operations and security rescue of which the State will put out an RFP.
    1. Shore Entry Safety Subcommittee – Put on hold
    1. Harbor Congestion –Tom & Brad: DOT is looking into changing the State booking system.

7.   Old Business

  1. HOST Advisory Board Members:  New representatives Eina Chin and Neil Kanemoto were mentioned above.
    1. HOST Logo – Bob Heidrich:  Bob said that the logo set-up cost should be $100 for shirts. Item purchase prices suggested: Hats should be $12 and Shirts between $14 and $19.  Bob will get back to us with more of the details.
  • New Business

a.   Robin circulated some new data from the Humpback Whale Sanctuary. Workshops are scheduled. Contact – Jeff Walters at 587-0106.

b.   The CG is looking into concerns about commercial boats grounding off of Waikiki and masts cracking.  On Kauai north coast, commercial boats can’t beach so they require their passengers to wade out to their moored vessels 5’ off shore. DLNR is asking the CG for help as there are real safety concerns.  Jasmin will E-mail Robin with the details for follow-up.  Mast maintenance is a concern for the CG because they do not look for structural problems.  With two deaths resulting from broken masts, it would be a good idea to bring this to HOST.  The 6 packs are also having this mast problem.  The beaching of recreational vessels such as at the Sand Bar in Kaneohe Bay needs to be looked at as well.

  • HSC Conference topics Robin is working on the program which is being handled through conference calls.  The Harbor Safety Committee meeting is in May of 2008.
  • Donation from Jeff Brennan: Discussed earlier, many thanks to Jeff for his continued support.
  • ID’s for all small boaters Bill Mossman :  This is a follow up to a November Boat US story.  This has been taken off the table by the CG and they are looking towards education.

9.   United States Coast Guard Concerns: The CG may have marine inspections removed from the Coast Guard duties, this is still being debated.  Capt. Akins is moving to D.C. His change of command is in December 2007. Molokai will be affected by removal of ordinances on island.  The CG will update on specifics of the dates.  DOD folks will take care of the ordinances.  There will be better publicity and the commercial dive boats will be notified.

10. State of Hawaii Concerns ( DOT Harbors and DLNR):  No one from the state was present.

11.Coast Guard Auxiliary Issues – John Regan updated folks on the Whom To Call sheet which he is having updated…Many thanks to John for his effort.  Also the flare disposal committee is still being put together. Anyone interested in joining needs to get in touch with John.

12. Announcements:  Boating Law Administrator’s Work shop is being held Nov. 28-30.  Robin will provide HOST update of workshop.

            HIRSA Industry Day – CDR. Kathy Moore will be participating; she will be sharing her diving safety statistics report that has been completed

13.       Next meetings:   Advisory Board Meeting: December 13, 2007

                                    Membership Meeting: December 13, 2007

14.       Adjourn 1700 ( 5:00 pm )

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