January 12, 2006 Advisory Board


January 12, 2006

Scott Osborn                                                 Brad Rimell                                                   

Randy Swindell                                              Arlen Walsten

Chris Woolaway                                            CAPT Manson Brown

CAPT Randall Farmer                                  LT Quincey Jones

Rusty Nall                                                      Bob Heidrich

Jeff Brennan                                                   Rich Davison

1.      1500 ( 3:00 pm ) Call to order – Introductions Brad Rimell There was no quorum.

2.      Approval of last Board meeting minutes – Held for next meeting for a quorum.

3.      Treasurer’s Report – Chris reported that HOST has $978.97.

4.      Next Membership Meeting Topics  ( February 16, 2006 )

            Cape Flattery Presentation – USCG reported that the report may not be completed in time for the meeting.

            DLNR Rules Update – Richard Rice

            2006 Boat Show – Presentation by Mike Nelson

5.      Pending HOST Issues:

a.                  Safety at Sea Subcommittee – No progress to date due to the absence of Rick and Susan.

b.                  SOP 7-98 Multiple Cruise Vessel Visiting Offshore Port Anchorages – Kim, Robin and Brad have planned a trip to Kona in March.

c.                  Tug Assistance – Tom/Troy reported the there is nothing new on this topic.

d.                  SOP 10-98 (Draft) Vessel Dispersion Plan – LCDR Rick Raksnis will assist in preparing a grant request this month.

e.                  Shore Diving Subcommittee – Nothing new to report.

6.      Old Business

Critique of the 2005 Christmas Party – Good turn out and everyone had fun. Plan to have the next year’s party at the Yacht Club.

Quincey reported that the new security zones are in effect 1/18/2006 and there are two brochures ready.  All the Commodores will get a brochure but the fishermen need to get the information.

January 27th is Terry Rice’s last day.  The February 13th Alien Species meeting will be taken over by Commander Farmer.

On Feb. 4 & 5 HOST will need help on the booth at the Boat Show (at the Convention Center).

7.      New Business

Security of offshore fireworks activities – Rusty Nall brought up a problem that they had at the New Years fireworks display.  There was no enforcement.  There is a new permitting process for fireworks but it appears that the guy who does the permit does not attend the event.  In the past they used to anchor off shore but now they request a 1,200 yard security radius zone around a barge that is moving offshore and the boating community needs to be aware.  There was trouble with the vessel “WAVE POINT” moving out of the way.  The CG will try to help maintain the exclusion zone although they are stretched. Event organizers need to educate the public to keep away from the barge, maybe putting out a flyer.  Rusty needs to give HOST a heads-up before the event.  There was a problem with getting DOCARE’s participation.  Rusty will send information.  HOST will be the umbrella.

8.      United States Coast Guard – There were no concerns

9.      State of Hawaii Concerns ( DOT Harbors and DLNR) :  Bill Davis called Brad to find out about the Town Hall meetings for the rules on Tug assist.  The next step is to hold the forum.

10. Coast Guard Auxiliary Issues – No concerns

11. Announcements:

Hawaiian Cement and AMERON pier 60 the depth has been changed – Sause is proposing to take barges in.  There is a need to deal with infrastructure issues.

Problem with Pier 33 and the interface between the car ships and the sand from Sause was discussed.

American Marine has been approached to move to Pier 60.

There is a question about the Cruise ships arrival and the impact to POP’s vessels because of the security plan of DOT.  Capt. Brown will take a look at this with the State.

It is a challenge to get more neighbor island issues to HOST.

12. Next meetings:   Advisory Board Meeting: February 9, 2006

                                    Membership Meeting: February 16, 2006

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