December 14, 2006 Membership Meeting

Hawaii Ocean Safety Team Membership Meeting

December 14, 2006  


AGENDA ITEM #1    Call to Order

            Robin Bond called the meeting to order. There were 50 people in attendance.

The following companies donated for the Christmas party.

Hawaii Pilots Association – $500

Propeller Club of Honolulu – $250

Sause Bro. – Roast Beef   

Horizon Lines – Candies, various goodies

Clean Islands Council – Delicious Gon Lo Mien and Gau Gee

Pacific Ocean Producers – (5) $25 gift certificates to POP

Tesoro – Hats, t-shirts

Hawaii Yacht Club – Use of their classy yacht club

Mermaids Hawaii – Free Water Show  

Fun was had by all. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm. Merry Christmas

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