February 14, 2008 Advisory Board

Hawaii Ocean Safety Team   

 Advisory Board Meeting

February 14, 2008

Hawaii Yacht Club

CDR Kathy Moore                                                   Randy Swindell                              

Bob Heidrich                                                             Chris Woolaway                  

Robin Bond                                                              LT. Quincey Adams

Bill Anonsen                                                             Kimo Corstorphine             

Anne Stevens                                                          Arlen Walsten

Terry Rice                                                                  Lt. Jeff Taylor

LT. Jasmin Parker                                                    Warren Ditch Jr.

Paula Carroll                                                             Neil Kanemoto

Brad Rimell

1.    1500 (3:00 pm) Call to order: A quorum was present

2.    Approval of last Board and Membership meeting minutes – Approved as written

3.    Treasurer’s Report – Chris reported that checking account has $2,881.31 with a check for $287.50 for the hats and shirts charges outstanding.

4.    February 21, 2008 Membership Meeting Topics

a.            State Harbor Modernization Plan – Mike Formby, the DOT Deputy Director will be making the presentation on the Harbors Modernization Plan.

b.            TWIC Program Update – Kathy Moore will contact speaker

c.            Marine Safety Program Update – Kathy Moore will present

5.   Pending HOST Issues:

a.            SOP 7-98 Multiple Cruise Vessel Visiting Offshore Port Anchorages – Kim is unable to attend so no further action.

b.            Tug Assistance – Tom/Troy unable to attend so no further action

c.            Harbor Congestion – Brad\Tom-Bill Anonsen discussed the systems in the Port of San Francisco & Long Beach.  San Francisco has a regional exchange that is fee based on arrivals and departures. Everyone can see the same picture and everyone has to accept the burden for the accuracy of that picture.

     LA Long Beach BTS marine exchange is a unique model.  Brad said that the system might have support in the interest of safety.  The system may serve as an information clearinghouse.  Classic ME functions that the information is not owned and vetted who gets the information.  The true traffic control issue included rules of traffic management, which may not be needed if you have the accurate picture.  In LA Long Beach everyone does their own traffic management.  In Honolulu Harbor the traffic control makes it more difficult. It was recommended that there should be a proposal for what should be here and not transpose another’s system on Hawaii.  

6.   Old Business

a.            HOST Advisory Board Members – Jeff Connors will be asked to join the Board now that he is with P&R Water Taxi, another representative for Tugs & Work Boats.  Tom Stone has asked to participate as he represents surfing and grass sledding; Robin has asked him to come to the meeting.

            Tora Gerrick has asked to come to the meetings as she represents PWC riders and would like to discuss their concerns. 

            Efrain Andrews has contacted Robin and would like to do a short presentation about what the needs might be for spiritual needs of seamen.

b.            HSC Conference Robin suggested the conference web site for those that are interested. http://www.trb.org/conferences/2008/HSC/

c.            Harbor Fest There was no information on this at the time.

d.            Industry Day – February 27, 2008 Kathy said that the focus is small passenger vessels:  There is a plenary in the morning and afternoon specific issue breakouts for sail and dive operators.  The meeting is at the Japanese Conference Center.

7.   New Business

a.    Mike Jones – Leaving DLNR to take new job.

b.    Hawaii Kai Channel Safety issue with commercial and recreational users, Neil consulted w/Bobby Spry and Brendt Chang of the (former) Hawaii Kai Boat Club regarding the Hawaii Kai channel issues. There appear to be no further problems surfacing at this time.

8.  United States Coast Guard Concerns taken care of with the information above on Industry Day.

9.   State of Hawaii Concerns (DOT Harbors and DLNR) no representative present, so none discussed

10. Coast Guard Auxiliary Issues – John Regan-John is in the hospital we will check on him and report.

11. NOAA report – Jeff Taylor reported that the PRIMO Conference is scheduled for March 11-14

NWHI Monument mandatory Ship requirements & NOAA Charts, Jeff will come and present information at a HOST General Meeting

12. Announcements:  CDR. Kathy Moore has taken a new position as EXO – Congratulations Kathy!

      Port Security Grants-Honolulu is Tier 2 for 2008 $45.5 million for training and exercise.  Port of Seattle is going for the same type of grant and they have been working on it for months.  Feb 16 & March 17 2008 deadlines

      Next meetings:   Advisory Board Meeting: March 13, 2008

                                    Membership Meeting: February 21, 2008

      Adjourn 1700 (5:00 pm)

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